New Series! Things that must soon take Place!

In writing in this site I certainly do not ever go into personal opinion based upon bias or prejudice. I desire that all what I write inspires you all to fall in love with the Word and study it with a open mind to other sources.

As it is I sense the Lord desiring me to put to rest our series “In wrath Remember Mercy“. I believe we may come back to that theme.

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I therefore sensed in my heart to bring a series regarding the things that will take place and ask the Lord what those things are and how those processes are worked out and walked out. This series is taken from Revelation 1:1. It is a introduction to a very complicated and very risky book in terms of interpretation.

I believe we need to see that the so called “prophetic movement ” has come into some sort of discredit right now. We have two extremes manifesting right now in the Body of Christ, the ones who prophesied falsely and have shut down operation choosing anonymous and obscure life rather than turning this round in accountability. The other end of the spectrum is those who continue to “prophesy ” or foretell up and coming events as though nothing happened. Refusing to believe they got it wrong. The reason I bring this to our attention is the Biblical foundation that prophecy and prophetic Scripture interprets the NOW and Biblically brings a foundation for it. This way our FAITH is strengthened and our HOPE kindled. For this reason I desire to bring in this series a Biblical perspective where things are now in the panoramic scheme of things.

What is urgently needed is a reappraisal of end times theology. It cannot be divorced from the processes now working out and what we are having to walk out. For this reason I wrote a book called 12 Foundations of the Church which brings the end times into our Christian life now. Please go to Amazon and acquire a hard copy as it helps me to continue my work. Or see my store to acquire.

I will be adapting the series “In Wrath Remember Mercy” into a publication. Please keep posted.

In these days we need to build faith and study and pray the Word. Join me in this endeavour.

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