Spring season in the Christian walk

We are basking in the spring sunshine this April. Got me thinking about another similar spring in 2011 when I first started this website. The goal then was to chart a transition from Portugal to the UK. The winter months were hard in spiritual terms as I had been through 15 years hard ministry in Portugal, a school which I made errors but also had conquests.

I have this year too been transitioning this time with a context of lockdown and dark winter days. Some of the days forging ahead like the winter tree, putting down roots and weathering the winds. Then suddenly the winds and ⛈rains 🌧 make way for spring sunshine and subtly the biting cold make way for a balm and soothing sun coaxing the flowers and trees to come out in nice foliage.

God designed the seasons to be similar to the seasons God allows us to pass through in that we use winter to put down roots into the Word and to weather adversity. The spring God transitions us into allow us to be reminded that despite some hard seasons God loves us and is bringing us into beauty and a revelation of His Love toward us. The summer is the growth we experience. However we must remember without the hard winter we would not have a productive growth season of summer which then transitions to the autumn of harvests. Where fruit is matured.

Today as I sit in this sun I am aware that the natural seasons fit perfectly into God’s spiritual seasons.

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