Ministry Update

It is a little while since I updated you. I have 3 books published already through Amazon which is on our Store Page. This was to be obedient to the call of God for this year till October.

I have a new book 📖 in the works which is called “12 Gates of New Jerusalem” which should be published between June and July.

I have formed a Limited Company to carry out these operations so that I can expand the Vocation of which the Lord gave me I from 1986 to teach the Word. Our next step is to acquire a property to found an international prayer hub and teaching ministry centre. I am praying for investors to help with the expansion of this walk which has cost me very dearly to keep upon this path. My approach to the Bible is to provide teaching to bring clarity to theology and apply it prophetically into every day life.

Photo by John-Mark Smith on

I believe that for us to prepare for end time scenarios where the Lord brings an end to this current age our theology must be adjusted as we seek to weed out between traditions of men and what really is in the Word. Revelation is never exclusive and those who claim to have a exclusive interpretation are those who tread the way to becoming cultist. As it is I have connected with other theologians with a view to be accountable for what I publish.

I do not receive much from the books yet and wish you take the time to acquire them from the store so that the Royalties can help to keep going. I receive donations from PayPal donors who can use as the reference to support the work. We already have students of the Word waiting for us to acquire the property to study here. And training programmes are being drawn up.

If this website has blessed you. Consider and pray to support us.

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