Spring season in the Christian walk

We are basking in the spring sunshine this April. Got me thinking about another similar spring in 2011 when I first started this website. The goal then was to chart a transition from Portugal to the UK. The winter months were hard in spiritual terms as I had been through 15 years hard ministry in Portugal, a school which I made errors but also had conquests. I have this year too been transitioning this time with a context of lockdown and dark winter days. Some of the days forging ahead like the winter tree, putting down roots and weathering the … Continue reading Spring season in the Christian walk

Ministry Update

It is a little while since I updated you. I have 3 books published already through Amazon which is on our Store Page. This was to be obedient to the call of God for this year till October. I have a new book 📖 in the works which is called “12 Gates of New Jerusalem” which should be published between June and July. I have formed a Limited Company to carry out these operations so that I can expand the Vocation of which the Lord gave me I from 1986 to teach the Word. Our next step is to acquire … Continue reading Ministry Update