Marturia 7: Without faith it is impossible to please Him: Hebrews 11

This verse in Hebrews 11, is indicative of the description of the life of Enoch in that faith is relational and pivotal in our walk with God.

Right now in the context of the last 12 months we have seen our own lives turned upside down, and in our pursuit for answers we are falling into end time deceptions and errors that the only hope for us to overcome the antichrist spirit abroad, even within the Church is to pursue what is relational. The bless me club is no longer relevant to taking believers through the beginning of sorrows that Jesus talks about in Matthew 24. Sorrow is for those who are not walking with God in the same depth as Enoch.

When death broke into the world Enoch sought the depth of relationship with the God of Life

The fact is we can seek the blessings, the resources that can bring us some respite, but death and darkness are spreading over the earth. The media has shown its hand in influencing the elections, and influences the state of mind as climbing statistics of a pandemic that has brought global death to many many people groups. The end result is fear and flight from any group, collectives of any kinds, social distancing to the max. Right now many are retreating in their faith being deceived and disillusioned with the so called prophetic voices. God is calling you out of the media train, calling you out from the fear brigade. He is calling you to a depth of relationship where the spirit and the physical become one in your life. It became so much that at the right time Enoch stepped from the physical to the fullness of the spiritual in heaven with God.

This is only possible when our pursuits are no longer dependent and co dependent on the dysfunction that is characterising our existence right now. It has become dysfunctional because we have seen pillars of our lives messed with, moved around, with children not in school, young people not in college, businesses closed, and normal life altered. This does not lead to dysfunction? However for those who have walked years prepared having “been warned” like Noah have made their “ark” of their relationship with God. Now they are moving on even though there are limitations.

The Church needs to become so full of God that it walks like Enoch in the spiritual more than the physical

Jesus prophesied to the disciples that they would do greater works. What is greater than resurrection? Making people dead. What is greater than opening blind eyes? Making them blind. The thing that Enoch became was a spokesman of what he saw in the heavenlies. It was that in Enoch’s time the fallen angels were joining with humanity. This is what brought about the flood, not just general wickedness. What is happening now is we are seeing a similar scenario, in that demons and their fullness is now coming to mankind, and since the 1960’s has been a trend where the physical pleasures of this life has become now a transition to fullness of demonic ideologies and demonic lifestyles. Powers are at work on the earth preparing the scenario which will form the foundation for the antichrist system. However whilst this scenario is happening God is speeding things up for us to grow as Enoch did, where the spiritual becomes more and more important than personal interests and possessions.

The context of the Book of Ephesians is the Church “habitation of God in the Spirit.” In this way the Church reflects God in fullness. This process is starting to gain pace now. In fact Isaiah 60 promises when gross darkness is on the peoples so light will come to those who are ordained as shining lights for God, to shine. “Arise, shine, for your light has come.” Our destiny and our purpose is to shine for God. That is our lives are so aligned to His Word and His Spirit that light and glory begin to shine.

When we please God we get the faith to know it

Enoch walked so much in that spiritual realm, that in the physical he knew by faith that he pleased God. The fact is that faith lives out that divine pleasure. We have turned this verse round that we have made it ineffective in that its true meaning has been lost. Our faith receives the fact we please God because of our focus and our pursuit of Him. In fact a freedom comes in the light of that pleasure that whatever we do for Him is pure pleasure responding to His pleasure. We have taken this word and focused more on the faith than the pleasure that comes through the conduit of faith. Faith is necessary to live with the substance and the evidence of divine pleasure being worked out in our being.

In Jude we get a confirmation with this, in that it promises we shall be presented before the Father without spot and blameless. This means that the Holy Spirit sent by the Son has the task to transition us to purity and blamelessness. The Holy Spirit does not fail and does not lie. He shall present us before the Father, and it is a certainty. It is not a vague possibility.

When our tradition puts the emphasis that we need faith to please God, therefore get faith, we demean the context of this word. No, it means we need to KNOW the pleasure of God and then move in faith in that light.

There is nothing that separates us from the love of Christ: Romans 8

This Scripture needs to comprehended in its entirety for us so that we can come into some freedom from religiosity. Paul cites the experiences of trauma in his walk with God that could have convinced him that the love of Christ could have been less manifest.

I have learnt in the losses and the traumas that they are working for me to bring me into a knowledge of God that I would not have acquired in any other way.

The fact is we put ourselves in the centre and make God the ministering, good God who SERVES OUR NEEDS, no, we need to transition our lives that He is the Centre and we are serving His eternal purposes.

This is the map out of the current limitation and darkness, to transition to the fulness of His Light, so that we so live for Him that we shall walk into eternity seamlessly.


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