Marturia 6: He had this witness that he pleased God: Hebrews 11:5

Enoch is a little known Patriarch of our faith, and the mention he gets here in the great heroes of faith is enough. We get the information which we sometimes turn around concerning pleasing God, and we need to see God divide and cut us away from religion, and the fact we have to do something to please God! Even ministers and priests have fallen into this mode of belief, being that they too are in the ministry of the Church for other motives than walking with God.

For us to comprehend the “Marturia/Martureo” we must allow this series deliver us from the religiosity that made the priests, sanhedrin, pharisees, on the wrong side of the story in regarding to the Gospels. Makes us also on the wrong side of our future according to Revelation. Many will say in the Day of the Judgment at the White Throne “did we not prophesy and cast out devils in your name” to which Jesus will say “I never knew you.” The works, the gifts and the ministries are of no consequence when we measure this with Jesus knowing us. This could also be the indication where Enoch found himself when he received a “martureo” that he pleased God…he needed not to say anything or do anything, as he already pleased God!

Faith is not acquired it is given to us!

The traditional teaching on faith can sometimes be skewered to get us to not only believe for things and resolve situations, even believe for healing, not even less mentioning the fact it is also used to get people to give to their ministry. They say “step out and come into faith” when God’s true people HAVE ALREADY FAITH! The problem today is we need to encourage saints to EXERCISE THE FAITH THEY ALREADY HAVE!

Things like provisions, healing, and situation resolution are CONSEQUENCES of our standing in God in covenant. I do not seek for favour because favour is already a consequence! Solomon was presented with a blank cheque from God, “Ask whatever you will”, and Solomon sought for wisdom, the riches that came because Solomon’s pursuit was not in things, but was in God Himself, the giver of wisdom! Faith is that, it brings us into the “blank cheque” realm in God, where we choose to place in God our pursuits!

We do not try to please God, our witness tells us we ALREADY please Him.

Enoch received the word, the witness (martureo) that he pleased God, so what did he do? He saw how ugly was the death of Adam and thought I do not want that experience, had faith that his witness would give him a passport to the celestial realms without passing through the agony of death of body. So faith functions when we have the witness from God…not the other way round.

We may try to live the Christian life, modifying behaviour. This will do nothing in our standing with God, because our “standing” comes through Jesus Christ. Our taking of the Eucharist/Communion does nothing unless we come from a platform of our security in our Covenant through Jesus Christ. In that platform our partaking is an intimate knowing of Him and He knowing us…we exchange our lives as He exchanged His. The Bread being His Body, and we His Church, and His Blood for our Covenant, and our obedience to Him. The communion and the Eucharist is not just a empty liturgical ritual, rather it is the framework, the skeleton for us to express our “martureo” in Jesus.

Our healing has ALREADY COME, our provision is ALREADY MADE and our eternity is ALREADY SECURE.

The key word here is “already” because I am coming from the position of where the “martureo” puts us, because of Jesus. Isaiah 53 tells us that “by His stripes we ARE healed.” What we have to discern is what dimension of healing He is bringing to our lives. Some are sick and await their healing, and many say that the crux is that they need a faith level, I think it goes deeper, we need to know the level of “martureo” ALREADY APPLIED TO US!

Our traditions and religiosity place us on a conveyor belt, trying to jump through hoops to get God to act, when HE HAS ALREADY! In Christ. What we must do is ask God to deliver us from the guilt trips placed upon us.

God made us Sons in Christ, to walk together in family. Fathers and mothers usually do their best to care for their children, do what is almost impossible. How much more does God our Father!

When I think of a year ago, when I was recovering from Sepsis, a puzzling circumstance, when I had an inner silence, wondering why it had happened to me. Yet that silence gave way to a unfolding which continues to today, the fruits of that experience have brought great fruits in wisdom, in revelation. This process is what I have learned from every experience that happens to me…I make sure they happen for me.

God’s will is not for us to spend our Christian lives chasing after an unseen goal that God has already placed in our hearts. We simply have to believe Him first, believe in ourselves second and apply what God HAS ALREADY DONE IN US, GIVEN TO US!



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