Prophetic Insight for the UK

This word came with a vision. The vision was an army that was covered in icing, the sort of icing you get on a wedding cake. When I looked the army was totally covered in this icing. Could not move. Then as I meditated on this word yesterday throughout the day I got the interpretation. The army is the Church, the Church has sugar coated the Gospel and sugar coated the state. The army could not move by the weight of the icing. There were things happening outside of this army like a takeover of the country, the army was … Continue reading Prophetic Insight for the UK

Books in process of being Published

The Christmas Parallels book will be reviewed in the next 2 days and then put to sale. There will be a price of £10 for each paperback and £5 for every Ebook, all to be available on Amazon. Please pray that the review go well. Please pray for our support of this work as it takes much study, and we also disciple leaders. Many have asked how they can send one time donations. You can send via Paypal: Continue reading Books in process of being Published