Appeal: Macbook Pro fund

I am still working on producing new books for nominal sale to equip teachers of the Word. I have a Macbook Pro for publishing article. However I have maxed out the storage, 128GB. Now you might say that its huge storage, but when you consider Logos Bible Software is 30GB, with system at 18GB, plus Office 20GB, plus all the publication files, I am maxed out. For me to buy a M1 Macbook Pro it is at £1200 sterling.

This investment is a need and a necessity for me. I just do not have the funds right now. I am praying for this right at this moment. I ask you pray with me. If you are blessed and have bought one of my Books and are blessed, can you consider investing in my work? If you sense the Lord touching you, you can send via Paypal your donation using as the reference email for Paypal. You will see that the ministry is a Limited Company. It is for legal UK tax purposes.

I want to thank God for all of you. I am at this moment in the midst of my The Consolation of the Church prayer campaign, which is personal, which I shared with you a few days ago.


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