Now therefore, behold, the Lord hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these thy prophets…1 Kings 22:23

The inauguration of President Biden is now past and he is installed in the White House. On November 5th I posted a message called Let your Kingdom Come. I recount here the dialogue that the Lord had with me concerning a Biden presidency. On that day I was in the midst of many prophetic voices crying out fraud and that President Donald Trump would be given a second term. The Lord began to speak in terms of what He would do in a Biden Presidency. I spoke to very few concerning this as the voices that were being heard were those who were proclaiming a Trump victory. Here in this post I have to expose what is happening in the Body of Christ across the nations. And allow the Lord to use me to correct the errors currently being propagated across the world.

The Lord wants to clear out and expose the false prophets

The standard of prophets as a Gift ministry, part of the Ascension Ministries, which even many of the Orthodox type Churches also recognise. I was so surprised in my fellowship with Catholics a few years ago to learn that their Magisterium they have the Ascension Ministries operating too. Blown away were my traditional views of the Catholic Church, because what we all were made to believe is that this dimension of ministry did not exist there. Also in the Anglican and Episcopalian communions exist recognition for this ministry. This means that this ministry has some influence across the world. There have been abuses, and not as much as just recently. Well known people who were known for their ministry in this area, like Kim Clement, others, have all been exposed as not getting it right in this area.

Many cry out electoral fraud, but if God saw this, why did not the courts and the Supreme Courts give it traction? Why did Trump give up and give way to the Biden Presidency? Why did God allow this transition?

God wants to clean house. Too many so called prophetic voices have used this platform to gain notoriety and finances. They are now exposed and the right thing is for them to publicly repent and withdraw from public life and reevaluate their own life, whether indeed the Lord called them to speak for Him.

Several years ago John Bevere wrote an excellent book, “Thus Saith the Lord”, which details the abuses suffered in the Church in people’s lives for following so called prophets and their words. I too have suffered greatly from the false prophecies from others, and believing them made me make a costly course correction which I benefit from today.

God is saying it is enough that these false prophets deceive the flock. He is cleaning house. It is going to be tough, and its going to be a deep clean.

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The Lord wants to correct an error that national transformation occurs through a political process

The Church has become political and involved herself in the politics of this world. The pandemic highlights the hypocrisy and corruption of the political establishment. The Church cannot and must not engage in this. Once it does the miraculous goes out. The Church is a extension of Jesus Himself, and He, in His discourses at the table in the Last Supper spoke about a contrast between Church leadership and world politics. It is a lie from the devil that for the Church to affect our communities in the Gospel through politics. It will not happen. There are enough spiritual processes and promises to engage that politics does not enter.

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The fruits that are gained in a time of apparent darkness are eternal ones!

In Isaiah 60 the Glory shines in a time when there is gross darkness over the peoples. This means whilst politics can draw over whole people groups it is time for us to expect the light and glory to come on God’s people. The fruits of this unfavourable times are eternal ones. We will push in prayer against a liberal agenda, we will push against the forces of a antichrist system. We will see in that spiritual confrontation a manifestation of an awakening. It is not when politics is favourable we see major advances. It is in the spiritual confrontation.

The new revival will be a marriage between the Word and the Spirit

The prophecies that were proclaimed for the 2nd term of the Presidency were not sustainable with a Biblical Foundation. In 1994 I made a course correction to get more and more into the Word because I saw that prophecy was not seeing much fulfilment than my discoveries in the Word. It culminated in making a trip with my friend Yorrie Richards, now deceased, to Dundee where we preached both the same message .The manifestations of the Spirit were sought after in the shape of the so called Toronto Blessing, but I was encouraged to go into a total different direction, that is in the Word.

The Word must always be preached, and the full counsel of it, such as grace but also holiness, blessing as well as judgment. Smith Wigglesworth made a dying observation as he was passing to eternity, that in the end times believers would regain a new commitment to the Word and the Spirit would come to confirm. We have arrived at that point now. Its time to make a course correction.

It is a season to take stock and not give credibility to voices who speak into the political transitions, for we can delegate to the political system what the mission of the Church should be.

Let us embrace this change and invest in the agenda of the Kingdom of God.


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