A Personal Loss

Yesterday without warning a dear soul close to me died. It was a harrowing experience. Today after spending a night completely broken I came across a Scripture that shone a light in my grief.

For this light and momentary affliction works for us more eternal weight of glory ” 2 Corinthians 4:17

Those words are so comforting today because we tend to focus on the end where we see the glory and its weight. The light, the release of joy and peace.

Yet God was showing me something of great significance, the words “light” and “momentary”. They indicate to us and put into perspective the purpose in loss and the process of loss.

Our grief is there because of the separation involved. Our grief is there because our daily routine with that soul has been altered and his absence is faced.

Grief is light in the grand scheme of things in that once surrendered to God it becomes a process which God sets to bring us into healing. It’s not time that heals it is the engagement in the process of grief.

Grief is momentary in that we look to the panorama of eternity and we see that we shall all be together again in that place. Our grief turns to hope and expectation. Once we reach expectation we know healing is flowing.

I hope you too gain great comfort as I have done today


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