Christmas Parallels: New Series!

The Christmas story from the Bible is one of the most beautiful we can read in the whole of Scripture. In this season God wants us to go behind the common narrative. I sincerely desire to explore and impart what God highlights to me in Scripture.

This new series will start very soon.

God’s Great Reset

The new menu item in the menu bar, the page, the email magazine are available for browsing. God’s Great Reset is what God revealed to me through Scripture a few weeks ago, and my posts have highlighted this work of God in 2020 and beyond. I believe God has a miraculous work of unifying all Christians to face the humanist Globalist Reset currently being rolled out over the nations with a disproportionate and draconian response to taking away liberties to which is a pandemic in name only. New research shows that gross mismanagement has taken place whilst families and businesses have been destroyed, with cancer patients not even mentioning the mental anguish felt across the nations as a narrative of fear has paralyzed whole populations.

If you desire the email publication of our God’s Great Reset Newsletter please email me:

Need for Funding

All these publications and initiatives need funding, as we hear more and more ministries going under as they receive no salaries from their churches. Our own funding is down. We support projects and people from the funds God gives us. For those who desire to send their Support please use Paypal on . These funds will be used to further our work in training:

  • Writing 4 books to be published next summer.
  • Training for God’s Great Reset in Churches and online media.
  • Organising Reset material.
  • Organising Intercession events.

Stay informed…browse, contact, feedback.


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