“Behold I do a new Thing” God’s Great Reset

Isaiah 43 catches the Great Reset from God’s perspective. We have all been bombarded with the propaganda machine playing up fear about the pandemic. There is a crisis out there, but surrendering to it through fear is definitely not the answer. I believe God has been causing me to meditate on GOD’S GREAT RESET. This is not about imposing His rule, He invites us to find our expression in Him through free subjection so He can lead us into a freedom we have never experienced in a natural way. Galatians 5:1 spells out that Jesus’ only motivation is to free men, whereas the humanist, globalist takeover is about enslaving us. There is a endemic fear of death, there is a talking up of fear, whereas Jesus says we need to lose our lives in Him first to find true life.

If you contrast the two resets that are vying for supremacy over the earth you will find contrary principles at work. However understanding God’s process in Psalm 110:1 you know what Great Reset will prevail: GOD’S.

God’s Reset will come through His Ecclesia

One of the things I have highlighted in other messages is the deception abroad about the Church entering into politics, and being caught up in the most corrupt systems abroad. The “Ecclesia” in its true sense is about separation from: the world system, financial system, humanist system. The Ecclesia separates us to: God’s Kingdom, God’s economy, God’s divine system. This separation is the key for us to overcome the current takedown of the world. The Church must wake up. She must arise from her low state: Isaiah 54. She must enlarge the tent of her perception. She must sing as a mother who is about to conceive. In Isaiah 60:1, speaks of the shining we need to be making in the darkness, because our light comes to us, and births in us His light to shine out. There is a corporate aspect to His Reset. He will need to shake us to wake us. And shake us He has, when Churches have been closed, have been reduced to a virtual quality.

God is wanting to break the virtual restriction to break the deception so that His power to heal and save will come through a corporate company of people who will not accept the limitations opposed upon them, and the trajectory to limit the power of autonomy, of thinking, of working, of innovating. The virus may be serious, but no rights, no liberties have the legitimacy to be taken away, from our expression of faith and worship. We cannot accept a trojan horse riding through our lives, because of a pandemic, the society must look at it with new eyes with a demonstration of the Gospel. Paul says: “The Gospel is power unto…” yes the Gospel is a demonstration of power. The Church must return to the Gospel. It cannot focus on social action, or server seeking, or any other priority. It must centre on the Cross. Before a pandemic we must place Calvary there and just like Gandalf, in Fellowship of the Ring declare to this Pandemic Balrog, “You shall not pass.”

If the Church is Jesus’ Body then it will prevail over what is happening now.

The God’s Great Reset in Prayer

This week as I was meditating I was in 2 Chronicles 20, I saw the way Jehoshaphat dialogued with God concerning the vast armies against him. His prayer was not focussed on his own need, or relief. It was centered in God’s purposes, promises and power. You then can cross reference this with Acts 4, as the Early Church reclaimed the manifestation of Psalm 2. What was the results? Shaking, filling, and empowering.

No move of God was ever manifest on the earth without extraordinary type of prayer. We need to get a reset in prayer. We need to start and dialogue with God, having repented to allow a vacuum so that the enemy can now do what he has wanted to do. Then we have a platform to pray for a manifestation of Jesus the King, the Judge of the Earth. When you consider that 5 months passed in prayer in Barvas, Hebrides, before the Lord is challenged from Psalm 24, and how the King of Glory could come to a people who had ascended the Hill of the Lord. Who do we meet there? Psalm 2 says God has set His King on His Holy Hill. So as we ascend in repentance and extraordinary commitment we will come face to face with the King! John came face to face with Him in Revelation 1. He is prepared for this, as he had passed the fires, the oils, but he would not burn. We have passed through a pandemic, lockdown, attacks of a myriad of reasons. Now we must ascend the Hill of the Lord. When we have ascended we can lift the everlasting doors, so that the King of Glory can come forth!

God’s Great Reset is a declaration of who reigns. It is a declaration in prayer from a prepared Ecclesia to welcome the King of Glory who overcomes all lesser kings and authorities, and comes to reign with peace and love. We need to reject the human Great Reset that treads on men’s liberties to reign, when in contrast Jesus comes to reign to bring liberty.

God’s Great Reset in ministry

When Samuel arrived at the house of Jesse, he did not anoint the eldest Eliab, even though he had human might, he came to anoint the lesser and most insignificant. God looks at the heart, and looks at the walk. For so long the ministry has been corrupted by career ministers, mammon opportunists, and heretics. Now God is going to reset the ministries. Those ministries who have been prepared for this emerging marxist society so many years. So many are losing faith, losing sight because they never prepared. Many pastors reduced their care to their offices, and computers, many prophets reduced their prophecies to gain offerings, many apostles reduced their supernatural order to subscribe churches to their networks. God has allowed a period of pandemic to sweep these away and bring in a determined and prepared generation.

“Behold I do a new thing” is a bold statement we need to hold onto to give us the final step in our preparation so that we can be included in the generation who will make a demand on that new thing to be manifest in the earth. It must manifest because it should not be confined to our meetings, just our prayers, or our preachings, but manifest to bring the reign of Christ. The thing we must do first is behold the new thing. For this to happen we must pass through the School of the Holy Spirit. We must also know that “I do” is God doing His new thing today, in our lives, our communities, and changing our governments. It will not come through violent protests, it will not come through looting, it will not come through terrorism, there needs to be first a spiritual protest in the Supreme Court of heaven first, then know what the Spiritual strategy is for the new thing to come into manifestation. It is because we are an expression of that new thing.

The new thing God is speaking about is a revival of THE REIGN OF KING JESUS. The most favourite film of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy is Return of the King. It embodies for me the essence of what God moves over me, He desires to return to His Throne in our hearts, our prayers, our preaching and our daily lives.

“Come quickly Lord Jesus” Maranatha!


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