“Your Kingdom Come!”

Jesus Himself taught us how to pray. Paul says in Romans 8 that the HOLY SPIRIT intercedes within us, whilst Jesus Christ, Lord, King of all Kings intercedes for us. This message comes not just to reflect on circumstances lived in our countries for now, for all of the pandemic, political instabilities, health crises, financial crises, but I believe that we have come to a very very interesting point in Church His-story.

This point in Jesus’ prayer: YOUR KINGDOM COME! is a demarcation for our spiritual walk today, in a fading 2020. There is no doubt that 2020 is a watershed moment. It is a moment where we have been “gutted” within and without, and what we could not face, would not face, have been made to face. The final chapter of the Bible speaks of a double cry, for which this ministry and company takes its name: THE SPIRIT AND THE BRIDE SAY COME! Jesus commands us to invoke the coming of the Kingdom! He says we must actively cry out for it, as much as the Spirit does. Is it not indicative of a identity that those who cry out for the Kingdom to come are to be identified out as the Bride? Is it not the identity of the Bride that she cries out for union with the Bridegroom, our Jesus, Son, Son of David?

The deception abroad: the political process.

The Church lacks in power once it mistakes the preparation for the coming of the Kingdom with some kind of political process, some kind of party, some kind of president. It won’t, and once this happens the moment we engage that kind of process, the Church loses the power, loses the miraculous, and our social action is then taken in context of a political process. More and more across the world we must verify that governments in contrast to the Church is preparing a throne. But not the Throne of Jesus, but the Throne of the Antichrist. The Church must engage with its true mission to prepare His Throne for when this is complete, so the angel will proclaim; “The Kingdoms of this World have become the Kingdom of our God and His Christ” . Will this come through a manifestation of political process? No. A loud no. It shall be by the Trumpet blast, by the descent of Jesus Christ who is the True King, not by force, nor political power, but by His own Perfect Being.

So in this confusion and deception that our answers to our country’s ills, resides in a candidate, or in a government, we have come to the annulment of our mission. However, God does move through kings, as He did King David, and even Nebuchadnezzar. In my thoughts today I estimated about 80% of governments and kings of history have been evil, and have worked against God’s people. The key is the Church in her true position as a “prophet” by the throne, to influence the King, like Daniel with Cyrus, who sent out the edict for the return of the Jews to Jerusalem.

There is a verified rigged election with America, and maybe not so, just there, but in many nations, we know that there is a process for the Antichrist in the governments of this world. We can all believe that many prophets erred, and maybe they did, but I am sure of those who erred there will be a godly adjustment. The Church has it the wrong way round: THE CHURCH MUST NOT ENGAGE IN THE POLITICAL PROCESS, BUT THAT THE POLITICAL SYSTEM MUST ENGAGE IN THE GODLY PROCESS! Therefore once we engage this truth we will then flow with His process.

The lack of Kingdom Mindedness is due to our ignorance of our King

Once the Church grasp Kingdom, she comes face to face with the King. Judge of all the Earth. The Church thought Kingdom was the sphere she was to flow in, rather than getting into His Sphere to live in. Our Kingdom perception can only clarify in accordance with the vision of Christ, who is He, and How He operates in us and through us! Once we have a comparable experience like John on the isle of Patmos, he had a vision of Jesus, different to what he had experienced, remember he sat with Jesus at the table. Now he is face to face with the Ascended Glorified Lord! He falls down like dead.

What is our face to face encounter with Jesus like? His vision of Jesus prepared him for the promotion in chapter 4, “come up hither”, he was taken first to the Throne Room!

The Church must receive a face to face encounter with Jesus, so we can be promoted to visit the Throne Room and be part of the end time process. We will then not only see the process but be part of the Process.

Is it not so in Jude, that Enoch is quoted as saying that Jesus would come with the saints, to judge the world?

So our transition in Kingdom is to meet the King of the Kingdom, so that we share with Him the judicial process of wrapping up this age. Is this a political process? NO.

Time to effect not be affected

My heart sank when the media declared: Biden wins! All I had taken my perspective from leading prophetic ministries and voices, that Trump would get a second term. However in the fever pitch of these dreams, voices, prophetic utterances, the Lord dealt with me about an opposite scenario, and what He could achieve even in that! I saw fruit. I saw correction! I saw cleansing. I saw something positive. Who knows what will happen in the nations, even if the globalists take their thrones.

In Psalm 2, prayed about in Acts 4, the thrones are places where they “conspire against the Lord and against His Christ”, what did the Church do? They prayed invocation the Psalm 2 reality, “I have SET MY KING ON MY HOLY HILL.” Who has set Biden on the Throne, or Queen Elizabeth II?” God has set a greater King! Jesus, Judge of all the Earth!

It is time that the Church to react to the threats in power pray in Scripture. Make a demand that Scripture manifest in our generation! Its time that even if Biden, if opposite ungodly men take position, let us rejoice because when the ungodly take position that God makes His Godly people take power! God shook the place and filled the people with a 2nd anointing! They moved in such power that even the sanhedrin feared them! Jesus had come to them!

So it is time for us to cry out “YOUR KINGDOM COME!” Because it takes us out of the political process and puts us in the King Process, of Jesus. Once we cleanse from the deception of prophesying about personalities over the Person Jesus, we will see a shaking of the Spirit in the Church. If God is cleansing and refining the Church now, in this season, who knows if God will reverse the election result? But now instead of looking for Trump to be a answer for the Church, he may look to the Church for his vehicle because the Church has broken into the promotion and has put the Church to be before the Throne for the outworking of the end time process, bringing fulness of Himself in the earth! If Biden gets the vote, and is inaugurated, the Church must see this as a challenge to press into power!

Whatever the situation throughout the nations, it is time to grasp the meaning “YOUR KINGDOM COME!” as a prophetic declaration that will bring us face to face with the King, number 1, number 2, we are promoted to the heavenly realm to the Throne, and number 3 we are partners in Christ coming to earth to complete the judgment.

Join with me in this process of God, and let us start to see a manifestation of the King, to bring His Kingdom in our midst, so that fullness come!


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