“My Hour has not yet come” John 2

This Word sprung out of my spirit last night speaking to a friend. It certainly got me meditating and considering what God may be saying.

This relates to the very first miracle of Jesus in the marriage feast in Cana. There are keys here that show us that in 2020 we need spiritual insight and hope. There are certain elements I would like to explore.

Mary: those who know how Jesus’ presence in a Crisis is key to a solution.

A marriage is a happy affair, especially in Israel of Jesus’ day. It lasted 7 days. So imagine the provision for the feast! It would have to be enormous. Yet on the 1st day disaster struck. Wine 🍷 ran out. Mary is strategic because her vision is way ahead. She sees that the key is knowing who Jesus is is key to how we view a crisis. For Mary it is an opportunity for a miracle and for something supernatural to take place. Jesus knows His mother, knows that her interaction with the Holy Spirit is shared by ver few, when we consider that the Spirit conceived within her being the Lord.

He says something curious to Mary: “My time has not yet come.” We sometimes read this on a superficial level, and Mary is not deterred by this. Jesus is about to reveal the determining factor in time being His.

And Mary is an element of the Church we need to encourage as did Moses in the Old Covenant. A people who are so sensitive to the Holy Spirit when it comes to detecting times and seasons. The Tribe of Isaachar had this ability from God. To discern. We also see this with Anna and Simeon of Luke 2, interacting with the Holy Spirit to know that preparation is at work.

Jesus’ word to Mary has all to do with preparation. And she was not a stranger to this in conceiving and birthing the Messiah, and being a mother to Him. So we in our walk with the Holy Spirit must develop this discernment of preparation. In this pandemic Jesus is in the middle of the crisis. He is waiting because His time has not yet come! There is a specific principle worked out through the elements here in John 2 that once grasped we shall understand His plan for us.

The Waterpots: willing vessels

The Lord uses what is available and what fulfils His Purpose. 6 waterpots. “6” is known as the number that signified “man” or “humanity” . So this miracle has a symbolic application to us. God has chosen to bring His miracles through mankind because mankind is the object of His plan and destiny for whom He created in His Image. So in this year 2020 God is looking for waterpots.

Water: the Word

The water we see mentioned in the Word is always symbolic of His Word. We see Ezekiel 47 symbolic of the effects of this Word. The water-pots were destined to hold water. We are destined to carry His Word. Jesus will use the water to demonstrate that the foundation of His Word brings a manifestation of the miraculous in our crises. In Ezekiel 47 the water that flows from under the Temple does the impossible, it makes the Dead Sea living. How much more will the Word come from Heaven in the person of Jesus bring into disaster a miracle.

I believe that Jesus is about to step in and break the pandemic, break the deceptions abroad, break political overreach. For this yo happen

Waterpots must be Full: fulness determines the manifestation of the miracle. This principle called pleroma appears in Galatians and in Genesis. Abraham’s descendants would only possess when the iniquity of the Amorites was full. So fullness in any dimensions determined God’s plan. Here Jesus commands two things filling and fulness. Paul in Ephesians 5:18 speaks to being full of the Holy Spirit. So this year 2020 Jesus is commanding in His role as Intercessor that His Church is experiencing filling so that it may come to fulness. This filling is found also in Luke 24 as the disciples are filled with the Word before they have a full revelation of Jesus! This filling must be a people committed to devotion to His Word and to prepare for His Person. Fulness of deception abounds, so truth is also abounding. This filling must precede the manifestation. It is a confrontation between the natural crisis and divine opportunity.

This year Jesus is about to step into His Church with breaking of the pandemic, political over reach, and deception abroad.

New Wine: new joy and new love

As soon as the water pots were full so new wine replaces the water of the Word. Like an explosion water became wine. So an explosion is coming in the spirits of those who prepared in this pandemic with the Word. To fulness. I believe a great awakening is coming where communities of faith will come together, financial prosperity and a new economy will become the norm. Joy unspeakable will be for that season.

Purpose of the Miracle: to show His Glory

This is the crux of the objective of this purpose in the pandemic as Jesus will reveal to His own His Glory so that our faith hope and love are restored. It is guaranteed that our availability to filling and fulness is key to attacking the fulness of antichrist in the world. It is not about us but it is all about Christ and His Glory. He is about to show it in His Church!


Russell A Durose 28.10.20


Paypal: russell.durose@thespiritandthebridesaycome.com

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