Paypal update 26.10.20

I have been running through hoops with the verification of my Paypal account. I have had to make a personal temporary account. It is with reference:

Right now the objective is a Jubilee year. I have 4 books i am writing. These will be accompanied with text books which will accompany each so that interactive learning is the key for future trips to Churches and Christian groups.

This Jubilee year is a year we enter God’s rest in that we solely work on His objectives. These 4 books are foundational to what God has given me the last 10 years on this site. In this year we are freed from bondages whatever they may be, our enemy is vanquished as the two silver trumpets 🎺 are sounded giving that certain sound.

In this year we will prepare also our initiative to visit different countries to teach and equip. It is my conviction that we have very little time left. One harvest to Gentiles will be complete and the Harvest of Israel and the Jews will start. It is interesting that God will gather Judah first as it is a Royal tribe and a tribe of Praise. How much praise needs to go up to prepare the Coming of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

This is the work schedule I am undertaking whilst lockdowns come and go.

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