“What are you doing here?” Church: 1 Kings 19

Writing this message in a context of a pandemic which has for the last 7 months brought a draconian response from government which has conditioned ministry and Church. I believe from this passage God can and will speak to us.

The contrast between chapters 18 and 19 of 1 Kings shows the prophet in the hands of God and the prophet in the fear of Jezebel. If we transport the application of this passage to where the Church is now, we will take out some very important and visionary guidance that God will cause the Church to win the battles in the nations. When you consider this truth: the spiritual state of the nations has been conditioned upon the vehicle of political systems which are oppressing the peoples. We take the presidential election in the USA, it is seen that the election of either candidate is akin to determining the destiny of the nation, not even equating what God determines, so destiny through the political alignment of a candidate is above the destiny which God projects through His Church, Christ’s Body.

Let us examine some keys to place ourselves in October 2020 and see where God is taking us.

“He saw…what we see determines how we respond”

Verse 3, says once the Messenger of Jezebel had given Elijah the message, Elijah has a visualisation of the threat, all memory of the victory on Carmel is erased from memory, now the Jezebel represented in 850 prophets killed by his hands, now Jezebel herself projects to Elijah fear and dread, projected through witchcraft and dark forces. The Church in the last century or more has had her Carmel moments, but this year unlike any other Jezebel herself has entered to “freeze” the Church in her own weakness and division. The Church visualises herself in the eyes of “Jezebel” in politics and the media. She is despised, whilst the House of Ahab has reigned over all, bringing immorality over the land. Idolatry mixed with sexuality has now taken over in the land. This is also our reality. Whilst famine reigned the only place they could eat plentifully was at Jezebel’s table.

The real famine is not just the lack of crops, rain, but the lack of God. Is it not the condition of the Western world, whilst finances are few, whilst health is waning, whilst food is getting more and more conditioned in the availability where in the case of Wales, now are conditioning what is available in supermarkets. Right now the best place to be is at Jezebel’s table, which for us is in politics, in the media, in political correct lives, accepting that the measures we face are for our protection, when the measures in themselves negate the right for liberty, and basic rights brought down from documents of legislation in times past are now ridden over in some disproportionate responses that are proved not to slow down the said infection rate. Jezebel’s table writes and speaks the narrative whilst supporting ideologies which threaten the unborn, on Molech’s altars. Where bloodshed in the land is commonplace. That bloodshed can represent the media who assassinate personalities who do not agree with the official narrative.

Recently a Church leader spoke and the divisions were spoken out by fundamentalist leaders and ministers again, and what was spoken in context was immediately stretched and taken out of context. The basic narrative and characteristic Jezebel’s table exists inside the Church. It provokes deception, division and destruction. The Word is scorned, taken out of context and used for personal gain.

The first act of Elijah is flee, and leave his servant in Beersheba, he has now put his individual needs above the collective, for which he is now not aware. Is it not true in a time of emergency that we revert to our selfish needs above that of a collective?

The Bible starts in Genesis 12, contrasting with Genesis 11, where a malignant alliance is confounded, and Abram is called out to found God’s type of collective, grounded by covenant. In Genesis 11 they collect in the valley to resist the command of God to spread out, to build for their own renown in the shape of a tower. They want to reach heaven by their own effort. God confounded their efforts. Does it not strike you that we may be in a Genesis 11 moment now? Is there not a trojan horse by which God is resisted and a tower of political power attempting to gain renown, and they want to use power to reach heaven? This collective God founded in Abram in Genesis is a thread that runs all the way to Revelation 21. Here with response to Jezebel Elijah forgets the collective. He is now in individual mode, survival.

The media has projected the narrative that Christian and Church activity must be limited due to the pandemic, the measures in the USA have brought about a scenario that if Churches meet they would be subject to punitive measures. These extended from fines to demolition of buildings. Are we not seeing a disproportionate response to a virus? Survival mode is that we are “leaving our servants in Beersheba” by accepting our reduction in personal fellowship and reduced to a internet based Church as normal. We are being reduced to individualism by Jezebel operating through powers we cannot see and we are coming away from the moves of God always brought through a collective! Do a study, see where God moves, where God transforms, it is always in the collective context.

God sends His angels with heaven’s bread…

Elijah is fleeing, and I believe we are all fleeing because we are not remembering our first and greatest weapon. We are forgetting in times past our response to great advances against the Church we have called upon the God who answers by fire! However God in this scenario is loving to send His Angel to bring His bread to our souls. The strength of that bread will bring us to a major confrontation where the Most High will reposition us, and the end result is the end of Ahab and Jezebel in the nations!

Going to Horeb, former visitations will not bring God’s solution for the nations

The strength of that bread brought Elijah to the place Moses was called and where the Law was given.

He thought “my strength to carry on will come in the former place of visitation.” Look at God’s response…”what are you doing here?” Indeed former visitations and places associated with them do not bring God back into them. Our preaching and teaching cannot be about walking through pandemic, we must lift our eyes to see that God’s programme is the exposure and judgment of the false bride, and the preparation of the True Bride, the Church, and her Union with Christ, whose Throne is being established. We must envision God’s people to lift their eyes above the current situation and flow in wisdom within this vision, calling on God for a new thrust in this destiny.

God’s command to Elijah was “GO” as much as the Church’s commission from Christ is “GO”

God was not in the wind, nor the fire, nor the earthquake, no external sign, but the inner voice. It has one command “GO”, when the Church obeys, so Christ will come. In the going shall the strength of God’s people be. It is not camping out at former visitations or revivals! It is going with God’s plan and solution for now. The fire has come and gone, and the rain has fallen, now it is time to deal with satan in Ahab and Jezebel!

A new movement of prophet, priest and king shall flow in the nations

Elijah is commanded to anoint prophet, priest and king…these would indeed resolve the issue in the nation. It is time to anoint God’s people, to flow in these streams, for they shall remove the malignant forces in the land. The sword would come into the land, which represents both Spirit and the Word! How much false narrative and news has saturated the people, now the Word which is truth shall be declared! Many would preach that this account of 1 Kings 19 represents the failure of Elijah, I totally disagree! I believe this: it represents the response of God at the failure of His people, bringing them through to truth and revelation, renewing the knowledge of His Greatness and our dependence on Him at all times!

In fact when you consider the 3 he anointed, they expelled Ahab and Jezebel, and Elisha inherited a double portion of the Spirit. From these 3 the destiny of the nations was altered! As for Elijah the encounter prepared him for his promotion.

Is this not the picture of God’s Church? God will translate Her into His realms on the chariots of war, which she will exercise from heaven. Is not God about to take us from our fears? Is He not give us His bread? Is He not about to make us a collective again? Is He not going to renew His commission with us? Yes. He is going to bring forth such an effective response, that we prepare our own promotion to glory!

Stop believing what Jezebel speaks! Believe that God is about to treat with the root of all evil…it will come through the Church anointing God’s servants, so that the Church can translate to her final destiny!


Russell Durose 25.10.20.


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