New Paypal service

My PayPal support page has changed today with new services. If you have been blessed by the resources on this site consider sowing . We receive the messages freely and we offer them freely. However sowing to ministries is a blessing.

Not always when we sow does the blessing come back in a financial way. In Matthew Jesus asks the question: Which is greater, the offering or the altar for which is offered on?

What Jesus is saying is that we generally focus more on the offering or donation as being the key to the blessing. It is not. The key is the “Altar” being that the ministry walks in covenant and obedience. If you offer to an impure altar your gift is not blessed. What makes an impure altar?

  • Mammon motivated: the ministry serves with the motivation of financial survival or success.
  • Disobedience: like Eli or his sons, there is no longer an exercise of ministry as service but has become self serving.
  • Wrong vision focus; the vision needs to be Jesus centered. Not on need or on objective. You give to a ministry because it represents Jesus. Vision is not about a project but about a person.

Giving on a pure altar completely activates the covenant where you sow into an economy that does not fail. The key is to be led by the Holy Spirit.

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