Paypal update 26.10.20

I have been running through hoops with the verification of my Paypal account. I have had to make a personal temporary account. It is with reference: Right now the objective is a Jubilee year. I have 4 books i am writing. These will be accompanied with text books which will accompany each so that interactive learning is the key for future trips to Churches and Christian groups. This Jubilee year is a year we enter God’s rest in that we solely work on His objectives. These 4 books are foundational to what God has given me the last 10 … Continue reading Paypal update 26.10.20

Paypal Review Update

I had my personal Paypal account limited due to a review that has to be done to comply with UK regulations. I am in the process of complying with their requests at Paypal UK so that I can get access again. We are supported by faith in Christ, through the free will donations of those who have been blessed by the ministry presented on this site. If you would like to support us, do not use Paypal for now until I update you. You can send via Bank Transfer at the following data: IBAN: GB29LOYD308804024274060 BIC/SWIFT: LOYDGB21783 Or via Moneygram … Continue reading Paypal Review Update

A Rare and True Pastor

I am travelling home today after 5 days of a powerful visit in Southampton. I learned from a friend of long standing that a Pastor who was my first contact with the true Gospel, Pastor Ray Graham, pastor of Litchfield, Welshpool, and finally Eastwood in Nottingham. He moved to pastor the Assemblies of God Church in Eastwood in 1978, and I had my first contact with him in 1979. I was only 13 at the time, wandered into the Church one weekday morning admiring the mural in the main hall, of a fountain. He came behind me, startled me in … Continue reading A Rare and True Pastor

Pray for me

Today am away from home, tried to use my Paypal debit card and found my account limited. I have my sole income from donations for what I write. I have been left in a position of having zero cash and zero in my bank account. Whilst this situation seems to be temporary it has left me with a great difficulty as I have to return home and have nothing due to this issue that arose from nowhere. I am going to suspend my activities with Paypal if this continues. My details to my account at a UK bank are these. … Continue reading Pray for me

New Paypal service

My PayPal support page has changed today with new services. If you have been blessed by the resources on this site consider sowing . We receive the messages freely and we offer them freely. However sowing to ministries is a blessing. Not always when we sow does the blessing come back in a financial way. In Matthew Jesus asks the question: Which is greater, the offering or the altar for which is offered on? What Jesus is saying is that we generally focus more on the offering or donation as being the key to the blessing. It is not. The … Continue reading New Paypal service