“In the Mount of the Lord it shall be seen” Jehovah Jireh

We always associate Jehovah Jireh as simply the God who provides. But the word pro-vide, is a latin derivative, for life, for seeing. This is far more than provision, this is far more than just believing God for something than what we have always been taught.

There is nothing more beautiful in this life than be sat down, with a coffee and hearing from God in His Word. That sweet communion, that insight, that new light. This is one of those moments.

Jehovah Jireh manifests in a context of obedience to the covenant

The obedience here demonstrated is the sacrifice of the son of promise. Abraham obeyed until it hurt. What obedience did God ask of Abraham? He asked for what was the most dear. The promise of the son, Isaac. God had promised in Genesis 18 a “pawlaw” season, means that God instituted in the life of Abraham and Sarah a season of miraculous resurrection. God revived their bodies so that they could become parents, now God is asking for Isaac.

The painful heart did not waver once whilst the will of Abraham was fixed on obedience. The total non withholding of Abraham was the key to release the fullness of the covenant.

God manifests in His Holy Mount

The exact location of this test of obedience is Mount Moriah, where both the Temple of Solomon is erected, and where Jesus is crucified. Here Abraham is not only acting in the shadow of a event two thousand years into the future, he is also in the very location.

Psalm 2 takes it one step further, in the future, to the Church, where the Father sets His King on the Holy Mount. The Holy Mount is where God manifests His Glory. 2 Chronicles 7:1 shows us, in this place, formerly a threshing floor, of Araunah, bought by David as judgment was about to strike, it is the holocaust on that first altar that brings atonement.

We sometimes get this back to front, we look for the provision, but forget that our small provision has been provided already in a chain of events that will culminate in the full manifestation of the Father setting His King on His Holy Mount. The King taking His Throne physically on the Mount for all to see and all to pay homage.

The provision for ministry must be connected to this multilayered vision. In Joel 2 it speaks about what happens with God’s people when they walk in total 100% obedience, they are no longer put to shame! There is a role reversal, for it won’t be the quantity of money, influence that will dictate, but the favour and the King on the Throne of His Holy Mount.

Jehovah Jireh provides a substitute Lamb who becomes a Lion

The result is that what Abraham sacrifices instead of Isaac is what God made available to be proxy in that moment. In 2 Chronicles 7:1 we see that Solomon has offered the animals on the Altar, and the fire has fallen and glory fills the house. The obedience in the building of this Temple is to the letter of the vision God gave David. The sacrifices seal the covenant and bring a divine response.

Ultimately Jesus becomes in the same place the Lamb. In His sacrifice of Himself, Hebrews saying “He learned obedience from the things He suffered,” reflecting that sacrifice of Abraham, of total obedience, so the Son also gave Himself over to the Will of the Father. In this He is then exalted in every place that He was humiliated, says Philippians 2. This same Lamb becomes a Lion when He opens the 7 seals. He is found worthy. He is found an overcomer. An overcomer of death. So the provision that is released must be with this principle in mind, 100% obedience to the eternal vision. This eternal vision is God the Father setting His King on His Holy Mount. All efforts in this regard is guaranteed provision from the Most High because in releasing this we are walking toward the fulfilment of God’s eternal plan.

As God sees His Plan in His Holy Mount so shall we see it in our vocation

Hebrews 11:10 spells this out clearly what Abraham’s focus was. It was on the Heavenly City, with its Heavenly Mount, with a Heavenly King. If we have this vision so in these days all the strength, joy, faith, provision shall flow from this. These are challenging times. In a day where Israel is seeing nations recognising Jerusalem for their Embassies, means that they will no longer subscribe to the usurping narrative that keeps Jerusalem in the grip of earthly controversy. In a day where lockdown seeks to drain the Church of its expression the only guarantee to overcome is in our vision, all flows from that.

If we are in a place of obedience not witholding, like my message the other day, we will see God “see” to our unlocking of His eternal purpose in our midst. The Holy Mount will have a prophetic unlocking in every generation bringing everlasting joy, peace and faith, in the expectation of our Coming King!!!


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