Taking Jerusalem

1 Chronicles 11

I am in a lot of pain today. I have had either a disk in my back slip out of place or i have trapped a nerve. It is Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK. The last Bank Holiday till Christmas.

With the Word today

In whatever case I am not mobile. I have been preparing intensively in the last 3 years for this season. It is a season where God must confirm not only Jesus’ Kingship as in the prayer of Acts 4 tells us how the Early Church prayed in unison. 1 Chronicles 11 shows us David is confirmed King as the prophetic promises are recognised. It took 7 years for this to happen.

It has personal implications for us because Revelation 1:6 tells us that we are kings first and priests second. The illustration here in 1 Chronicles 11 is that spiritual Jerusalem can only be taken to prepare the spiritual tabernacle by a king acting as a warrior. Only once the enemy has been evicted from that space can the priestly be established.

Once David was confirmed in the Kingship so he could take Jerusalem. So once God also confirmed Jesus’ exaltation as King of kings so the Church took territory. Acts 4 tells us this.

With the many crises that have come out of the pandemic with finances, education, work, Church, we are now seeing warfare on many levels. The first occupants of our “Jerusalem” is fear. We have been forcibly confined in a space of fear.

What we see in Acts 4 is the same as 1 Chronicles 11. We see confirming Kingship. For Jesus, His confirmation starts in David’s prophecy in Psalm 110:1, which tells us why Jesus is at the Right Hand. It is to subdue His enemies. In Acts 4 it was religious authorities. We need to see what is coming against the Church today and ask God to confirm Jesus’ Kingship.

The result was shaking, filling and speaking. God shakes the earthly structures and fills His People with the Kingly Spirit of Jesus, and in turn they are part of that Kingly confirmation from the Father.

So in the light of this Word we must undergo the preparation of it.

Please pray for me today. I need healing but I am taking this time to be with God. The season ahead has its challenges and changes which need clear guidance. I also need support for the work and teaching I do. In fact one or two have asked how they can send a gift to the ministry. The best way is through PayPal. My PayPal reference is russelldurose@yahoo.com.

Let us journey this together.


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