“Who set their mind on earthly things” Philippians 3

Yesterday we explored the fact of what makes a person an enemy of the Cross of Christ. We saw 3 things 1) their end is destruction 2) their god is their belly 3) their glory is shame.

I believe we have come to a pivotal moment in that the “wheat” and the “tares” are coming to a harvest moment. Maturity. One of the two main authorities in the Church which will become visible is the antichrist spirit in leadership and the Jezebel spirit affecting worship, intercession and prophetic ministry. We will see brazen manifestations of it and we shall see a great confrontation in many places. Do not be surprised if many places close in the fallout. So when the harvest comes the wheat and the tares will be divided off and the tares will go to eternal fire.

Paul admonishes us to be heavenly minded and focus our attention, our affection, our aspiration in heavenly things in Colossians 3:1. The verse starts in a conditional “If” we have been raised with Christ so those 3 “A’s” need to be operational. Our mind is an indication what we are being transformed into. We are what we think and that principle is what guides our affections. Our affections are the priorities and pursuits we go after.

Many false ministries have ministered playing on the greed and disappointed inclinations of people. To a greedy person promising them more money is first manipulating them to give and keep them imprisoned in their greed. What we need to do is to get them to fall in love with Christ and get them to hear Him, know His Word. We literally do ourselves out of a job.

To the proud and ambitious we prophesy ministry and influence without the Cross of Christ is setting them up for perdition. What we must do is warn believers that what and how they think sets them up to become an enemy of the cross of Christ.

In Joshua 1, Joshua is exhorted by God to meditate day and night in the Word. Is this not a necessary activity to-day? Instead of filling our minds with the news, or disasters, series, we can fill it with the Word???

For Joshua this would unlock wisdom, authority and prosper the purpose God spoke to Abraham about.

Hebrews 12 speaks of the cloud of witnesses. They are telling us to complete their prophecies and promises. Hebrews 11 tells us that they did not receive their promise in this life. Their promises were passed to a designated generation to walk into their fulfillment. Who knows if we will walk into the New Jerusalem that Abraham and John saw without seeing death!

The key to renew our mind is to make the Word our key thought in our day. The more we interact with Him (the Word being Jesus) the more we transition in our transformation. We leave behind the earthly mindset.

This earthly mindset can work into our Theology, believing that the transformation of this physical earth and our physical well being is at the forefront of His Plan, we are mistaken. We are like Joshua entering into our heavenly land.

The key is to align our thinking to acquire heavenly knowledge and heavenly wisdom. That way we become intimate with the Cross of Christ and participant in the eternal glory of it. For those who have called glory shame, we shall have eternal honour.

The key is what level and what sphere is our mentality is residing.


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