The Appointed Time: Daniel 10

He understood the thing,and had understanding of the vision…” v2

If you compare Daniel 10 and Revelation 1 you get two men who get a vision of Jesus, Daniel a Pre-Son of Man, Son of God vision, and John a Post Ascension Glorified Lord. The chapter of Daniel referred here is a powerful demonstration and insight how God deals with transitioning His people to prepare them for the Lord’s visitation. There are 3 distinct timings here. One being in Daniel in 517BC, one being with John 90AD, and ourselves in 2020AD. The wars we see in Daniel 10, Revelation and in our days, are being revealed. In this message I am publishing here today is to enlighten God’s praying and prophetic people.

The urgency of understanding the times is the first key

Daniel gained prophetic understanding. The understanding Daniel gained, caused him to access the spiritual dimension. The first understanding was in times and seasons! The time had come for Israel to move from captivity to return to the land and her restored Temple.

For John in Revelation 1, it was an understanding that the Church was to pay an ultimate price for a generational harvest for many centuries. This culminated in the fall of the Roman Empire and the spread of the Church over the nations.

For us in 2020AD there is a move of spiritual entities against the Church and it is to restrict through LAWS AND FEAR. It is time for the Church to position herself as Daniel did, in coming into a new UNDERSTANDING. This new understanding caused him to understand that God’s revelation was coming that Michael the Archangel was to clear away the war in the heavenlies. There can be no mistake there is a war going on in the heavenlies to put the saints into deep slumber and restrict the function of the Church through fear and lockdowns. The Church needs to have an explosion of signs and wonders that break all plagues and diseases in favour of two harvests!

This new access to prophetic understanding brings both Daniel and John into a face to face encounter with the Heavenly Jesus!

Both Daniel and John came face to face with the Heavenly Jesus. They needed to meet Him so that they come into a heavenly perspective. In the same token today God’s people, the Church needs to come FACE TO FACE with the Ascended Lord. This will cause all human wisdom, all politics, all humanism in the Church to fall away. We need to be awaken from slumber. We need to see the world and the heavens as they really are. The fact is in Daniel’s day they needed to return to the land to rebuild and restore. In John’s day they were to resist. In our day we need this face to face meeting to bring restitution. This heavenly Jesus comes to cause us to SIT WITH HIM IN THE HEAVENLY REALMS.

Whilst I was in Colorado Springs last September God showed me Zechariah 3 that He was lifting a new priesthood to walk with Him in the heavenly realms, yet the enemy was there to accuse. I believe we are there now, we are in the time the enemy and his minions are trying to obstruct spiritual understanding and bring oppression, however God will rebuke the devil in this season. Throughout the nations the devil is saying lock the nations down so the church can be powerless and abandon faith. We must wake up and resist judicially this advance.

Daniel was to see the return of Israel, John see the victorious Church ,we must see the Coming Lord Jesus!

This war, this resistence is to divert our attention. If you have struggled sickness, if you have seen bankrupcy enter your home, if you have seen marriages end, sons and daughters lose hope, these are all symptoms of a greater war.

Look at the intercession of Daniel, God reveals that He is about to turn Israel’s captivity. In John, Revelation, his vision is to prepare the Church to be steadfast through the persecution. Now we know the seasons are changing and Jesus, the King is about to be revealed to all, as Judge of all the earth.

So what is our part today? Awake from our slumber. Resist the tide of the world, the flesh, the devil in our homes, and see that we are part of a greater mission. We are to prepare this generation for the Coming Lord. We must disbelieve the media misrepresentation of this time. The issues in the world, wars, pandemics, economic disaster are birth pangs for eternity to birth the new heaven and earth.

Wake up…understand and meet Christ in the heavens for redemption is nigh!

This war is won…at Calvary, it is through the Church that the enemies of Christ become OUR FOOTSTOOL. We must first submit to His Authority so His Authority works through us !

It is that season!


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