“I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day” Part 3: The depth of revelation of Jesus correlates what we are facing.

I did not plan to bring this message as I had something else which God has been speaking to me about, however as the days go on, in limbo in a sense, where no-one knows how the “plandemic” is going. Yet the Lord is contending with me concerning what we are facing in the next season. My main sensation in my spirit is an urgency where we must make the next 10 years count.

The whole BOOK OF REVELATION needs to be reappraised, as it gives us clues about what we are going into. We are going into a major preparation for two things, a society where God has no place, where believers will lose their lives for their faith. Where God’s judgments will be seen. In the face of them the hardness of heart will cause this people to not repent but even dig their heels in further into the antichrist programme.

For us to be steadfast in the seasons to come we must be solidified in our revelation of the Ascended Glorified Lord!

The reason John had the Revelation was to encourage the Church that an extensive persecution would be at least 300 years in duration, and that giving up of the right to live was a presupposition as a price of having faith and life in Christ. In fact this preparation is something the Church has been alienated from, and having no ultimate price has meant the depth of faith has been forfeited. This means for us to be prepared we must meet the Ascended Glorified Lord. John’s reaction was to lose strength, in himself, like Isaiah, who is found undone in the face of Glory. This end of strength, death to self is a prerequisite for this new life God is taken us into.

Be prepared for wholesale betrayal after our marking by God!

Jesus took the disciples into the Upper Room to prepare them, sanctify them, and the first manifestation we see is BETRAYAL. We all react to Judas Iscariot with hindsight, we all know he is a betrayer of the Lord. However the disciples are not privy to this knowledge and this revelation is bitter to them all. I believe that we are in such a season that there is a polarisation of ideas, mindsets, devices, which will divide, if it be politics, race ideologies . This will mean the potential for betrayal is far greater in occurrence. Right now demonic ideologies are being sown in the lives of God’s people. There will be those who will break off connections because of these, and what will be forgotten will be our connection in Christ, by His Blood. Right now the media are plugging and pushing a false narrative that Church services are great propagators of the virus than any other place. The Church is being manipulated into a position of being treated with suspicion, and with the view that it is a danger to the whole of society.

In March when all this started, I knew something greater and more sinister was coming. The virus would stop being the focus, than the vehicles that society sees being the propagators of its deadly wake. Now it is the Church that is the danger. Then I saw a new pandemic coming, and it would be more deadly than this. In fact is it by chance that Bubonic Plague is about to be unleashed? I could be wrong, but already this plague is making the news!

And what brings within me divine indignation is pastors who defend a lengthy closure of Church fellowship and now limited to internet based meetings, the personal face to face interaction now weakened by a shadow virtual alternative! Its objective is to break off the corporate anointing comparable to Acts 4:31, where unified prayer brought the visitation of the Holy Spirit. I am finding pastors and ministers buying into the classic narrative that its expedient that to prevent the spread of the virus that singing, worship, any speaking be avoided, and whatever scientists say now, is swallowed wholesale, when on scrutiny the scientists admit that they have no unified front about a virus they know little about! The betrayal I speak is happening before our eyes! It is pastors without discernment accepting that a virus undermine the foundations of the Christian faith and its varying spiritual expressions. Examine it, pray it through and see what is happening!

Rewriting history and erasing it, misrepresenting the pillars so that in bringing in the new society is far more acceptable

Already the narrative is being rewritten that even accepting the Holocaust happening is offensive, so it is being gradually erased from history. Statues and historical figures are being erased or changed, labelled as not examples, or rascist. If you erase history is because it is about to be repeated because what is being sown is already preparing the world stage for a repetition! Even Christ is now being portrayed as a woman, in a new film about to be produced, we have already been subject to a gay Jesus, a Jesus who was tempted and succumbed to marrying Mary Magadalene. The narratives are being changed so that the transition to the new godless society is a smooth one. Even the narrative of a cashless society because the view that the virus is passed by bank notes, is being swallowed by all. Can you not discern how subtle is the transition? Matthew 25 says all slumbered. I believe we are sleep walking into a rapidly changing society in which the view of traditional believers will be suddenly diametrically opposed to the society we once we an integral part, now transitioned to where terrorists once were. It is strong language to use, yet I can see clearly where the precedents are being broken and where the focal points of persecution are breaking out.

The fire of Rome was the catalyst for the great persecution of the Church, could it be now that the great catalyst is a virus?

John is speaking in Revelation that personally suffered for the Testimony he held. This Testimony is being given to people now. In December 2019 I saw the angels of God go out sealing the saints.

That 2020 was the year for this sealing. This sealing is for the Testimony which gives us the strength to face what we are about to face. We will face it because all is trying to resist the Coming Lord. He is returning to bring the fullness of His Kingdom.

The time of “weasel christianity” is over. The war is on, there is no truce to be had. We will have no choice, give up our faith or face death. Our Church services must change, we must prepare people that our faith is only as deep as the realisation that it may cost us everything.

Our preparation for this must correlate with the depth for our encounter with Jesus. Not just the Jesus, Suffering Servant, or Saviour, but Judge of all the Earth, the King set on God’s Holy Hill! He who will rule the nations with a rod of iron!

Psalm 110 says God the Father will place Jesus’ enemies beneath His feet. We are part of this programme. For this we must encounter Jesus afresh. It is not about protection from a plandemic, rather it is preparation for a persecution! For that Jesus must put something on the inside of us, that will sustain us in the face of widespread hatred. Revelation 11 shows us the effects of that testimony, where we shall exercise power to shut heaven, call down fire, and bring terror to the world.

So to prepare for the next season we need to ask: how is our vision of Jesus?

For that we need to 1) Be in the Spirit 2) and enter into the Lord’s Day!


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