The next Season: Vision Post

In the beginning of the lockdown I had already been walking out a 3 year transition in God. In fact I am working on 3 books as we speak.

  • 12 Foundations of the Church
  • 7 Processes of Purification of the Word
  • 7 Dimensions of Unity

We shall be making up a Pastor and Leader’s pack, which shall have free versions of my new publications so that leaders in poor nations can get hold of precious resources. In fact when we consider what we in developed 1st world what we take for granted. Bibles are precious like gold. I would like to see that The Spirit and the Bride say Come! Ministries is a resource rather than asking for resources. This means we are putting into the hands of pastors and leaders the resources necessary to mature believers and prepare them for what is ahead.

The Lord is transmitting to us in this season of Great Harvest the revelation of Jesus Christ, His Word, to us, it is given to us freely so freely we shall give.

Prepare for Harvest Teaching Series

We are making available to churches wherever the series of teachings which will prepare saints for the season ahead. What is included:

  • Understanding the Purpose of God in COVID19
  • Preparing for the Great Harvest
  • The Seasons of the Lord
  • 2 Harvests in the Earth
  • The takedown globally
  • The true context of Revelation

This series is a series of Bible Studies only available on a venue basis. If you are interested contact me.

Preparing the Church: Leadership Teaching faculty

There is a need to prepare the saints for what is ahead:

  • Get out of survival and maintenance mode.
  • Get a Eschatology
  • Get a context
  • Get a vision

The Lord showed me in March that a new spiritual season and a lifting of lockdowns would start in June, which proved to be true. I believe time is short hence the new approach in our ministry to reflect with what God has indicated in this new season.

If you are interested, write to me and let us converse about what God is about to do in your Church and locality.


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