“On the Lord’s Day”

Revelation 1:10 we are continuing to study. It represents the preparation for the final implementation of the fullness of the Kingdom. This Kingdom must have the King set on His Holy Hill. Psalm 2.

King Jesus will implement the domain of His Throne which is His Authority

What we need in our day is the same kind of dimension of Jesus that John was confronted with. His reaction was to be as a man dead, and Jesus lifted him up. The “Day of the Lord” is what we are about to discover is not about the One day we are all awaiting, no they are specific moves of God that Jesus Himself supervises where an aspect of the Kingdom comes into manifestation and is implanted upon the earth, not for reforming the earth, not even transforming it, rather getting us ready for an entirely New Earth, New Heaven, and a New Jerusalem.

The Day of the Lord is in response to fullness

In Genesis 15 the timing of the fulfilment of the promise and covenant to Abraham would not occur until the “sin of the Amorites is not yet full.” Fullness in any dimension provokes a response of God. The Lord sees the fullness of evil and fills His People with His Spirit. We see this in Acts 4 when the religious authorities put their prohibition on the Early Church, instead of obeying they pressed into Psalm 2 to invoke the King of the Holy Hill, asking the Father to manifest the Son through the Holy Spirit. There is today a fullness of evil that must have a fullness of the Spirit in the Church. The fact is that we need first a revelation of Jesus the King of Kings…once we have this our prayers corporately will change.

The fullness of evil today has reached in declaring the Church a non essential organism on the earth, bars and restaurants opening before the Church. And the singing has been prohibited, and maybe even prayer and preaching will come under fire, with the lie about COVID19 being leveraged. The Church must and should exercise not only her priestly ministry but also in sharing the Kingly ministry via Revelation 1:6 SHOULD meet the authorities not with protests but spiritual authority and its corresponding authority and manifestations. Governments will fall before the Church as she moves in her kingly authority conferred by Christ. Once this fullness in the Church so God will manifest the fullness of the Covenant of Grace upon the earth. In Deuteronomy God promises to make His covenant people the head and not the tail.

The Day of the Lord is a manifestation of Jesus the King and His Authority

For so long situations have reigned and subjugated the Church, but when the Holy Spirit manifests Jesus the King in the heart of the saints so the kratos authority will be a authority no-one will be able to resist. The fullness of revival in the Church brings this manifestation. However this brings a terrible fear of the Lord, not sure if all are prepared for such searching power.

This is the Hour for the King,…..as in the Trilogy I so love, Lord of the Rings, the King is returning to His Throne of Gondor, so it is a shadow of the Return of Jesus to sit upon the Throne. We must see that what is before us, the resistance, the persecution is a effort to divert our attention from this Divine Objective. Nothing can stop it, and He the Father will put Jesus’ enemies beneath His feet. All Antichrist and Jezebel will be cast down before Him.

Right now what the Holy Spirit did in the Church in Acts was defend the conditions for gathering the Harvest. It will be now a 10 year period where a harvest of Gentile souls and the Israelites to their Messiah that the Spirit will defend. As we follow this, so the Holy Spirit will come in great fullness in our midst.

The Day of the Lord is to cause the saints to be transported into exaltation from every sphere of humiliation

Phillipians 2 shows us that every dimension that Jesus was humiliated in, was exalted. James says God resists the proud but exalts the humble. Those who have experienced such humiliation and much despising this is the Season where His Kingship will lift these “Josephs” from their prisons to the Palaces. In Zechariah 3, whilst I was in Colorado, God showed me a new priesthood being dressed afresh, and the promise made to this new priesthood would be that they would walk in the dimensions of angels and celestial beings. This is our promise.

Those who have processed their humiliation to grace, who have held steadfast to God’s promises and have kept the faith, this is the season of your light. Isaiah 60:1 says “Arise, shine, for your light has come!” This is that season.

The fullness of this is that every tongue shall confess and every knee shall bow before King Jesus. Any ministry, Church where Jesus the King is not centre, shall be found wanting…God is realigning now. Get His programme, flow in it, and your anointing, provision, and all you need shall be given.

The Day of the Lord has come, first to bring us face to face with Jesus, see His purpose and work until He is enthroned fully within the earth. That way we shall know that our life is involved in His, and all that we are is in Him, and all we love is Him.

The Day of the Lord is Jesus’ day, where He exercises Kingship over His enemies and installs His Kingdom first in our hearts, second in all the heavens, and finally here on the earth.


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