“I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day”

I have surely written something on Revelation 1:10, but sometimes we return to former truths because they hold incredible truths and depths.

There are two issues to deal with, “I was in the Spirit“, and “On the Lord’s Day“. These two hold keys for our lives today. I am speaking in the context of the pandemic, the craziness that has taken over governmental institutions, and the racial and society tensions, trade wars, Brexit, the unrest in the USA, skirmishes between India and China, then tension in Israel. Just to name a few.

For John to live the constant, being in the Spirit means a personal cost for a corporate preparation…

It just occurred to me that there is a parallel between the Apostle John and Simeon of Luke 2. It is said that he waited for the “Consolation of Israel” and the Spirit was upon Him, it was revealed by the Spirit that he would see and hold the Lord’s Messiah, and he was led by the Spirit to Jesus. He was to see the Messiah as Saviour, and here in Revelation 1 we are seeing that the Holy Spirit was bringing the same preparation to John as He gave Simeon. In the same way John would come face to face with not the Saviour but now with the Ascended Lord. I would hasten that we are coming into a time of personal and corporate preparation by the Holy Spirit for a visitation of Jesus, the King, to us and our generation.

What does this preparation entail? For John it was 3 years physically with Jesus, seeing Him crucified, risen, ascended, and then receiving the Holy Spirit. What we then see from the writing of Revelation that he is on Patmos, banished for the Gospel. Fox’s Book of Martyrs says that he was boiled in oil, but was miraculously saved. Imagine his skin totally sore from the experience. There was a personal price for meeting the Ascended Lord. However this meeting has great purpose.

The Day of the Lord is meeting with Jesus as He is so that He may prepare for the days ahead…

The main thing in John’s mind was concerning the persecution, started by Emperor Nero in AD 64. History tells us that the Church was persecuted for over 300 years. For this the Early Church needed a divine vision for having faith to endure what was coming against the Church. The ultimate victory was Jesus’ when Constantine stopped the persecution and not even 100 years went by when the Roman Empire fell.

I believe that we have some very difficult times ahead, and the persecution is starting in the WEST in very subtle ways. The Church has for the main part remained silent, and there is a need for the Church to gain a prophetic voice to highlight the injustices being meted out by so many groups out there. One such norm and guideline in this pandemic is the prohibition on worship, keeping churches closed with the belief that it is a potential spreader of virus.

Unless we grab this window of opportunity the socialist and globalist groups will gnaw away at our rights to express our faith. We know that our faith has a potential to bring not just peace but a sword, so the potential for persecution is real and in a sense inevitable. However what God has indicated to me is we have 10 years to get in the final harvest before the Globalists will take over the world.

What we need is the visitation of the Ascended Lord to prepare us for the days ahead…

For John this was a two fold vision, personal visitation by letter of Jesus to the Churches, examining, exhorting and encouraging them. Then John is transported spiritually to see the whole panorama of history, present and future from heaven’s perspective.

Here several things are clarified and we get a notion of how God the Father gave the Son the power of Judgment, and how Satan will be dealt with. We get a glimpse of our eternal abode. This is to give us the vision we need to endure. There is always great pain in the birthing of those new things.

Isaiah says that when Zion Travails, she brings forth her children. This is the next season ahead. Zion will bear both Gentile and Jew for the Celestial City that descends from heaven.

The next season must be propelled by the vision in the Word and vision from the Spirit

The Word and the Spirit are going to flow together. Its time to prepare, as Paul explains that faith comes by the preaching and teaching of the Word. Immense changes in the Church are coming, and God’s elect, the Jews, the tribes will hear the call of God to return to the Land of Israel and to Jerusalem.

Revelation 1:7 says He is gathering the Israelites to reveal their Messiah afresh, the One they pierced shall be known by them. The reason for the Aliyah is this one event, Jesus will be seen by all…and shall gather His own to Himself. Their season of hardness shall pass and so shall the earth be harvested.

In Ezekiel 9 God commanded the sealing of all those reserved for preservation in a time of judgment. I believe that this year we shall see this sealing take place. So much false doctrine shall be exposed, and a greater thirst and discovery of truth will come as all will come to His Word with new commitment .

Right now it is time that we come into the constant, “I was in the Spirit” so that we can perceive “on the Day of the Lord”. That day will be like Acts 2:1 when it says “When the Day of Pentecost had fully come…” means that the Holy Spirit had precisely sectioned off that day for His Visitation. The “Day of the Lord” in the context of Revelation 1:10 is not a Day for the Heathen but for the Church. May we be found “in the Spirit”.


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