“He who has ears, hear what the Spirit says..”

The admonition here is one Jesus gives to the 7 Churches in Revelation. This admonition is very pertinent in our day now.

He who has ears hear!

What are you hearing? What report are you listening to? Numbers 13 brings a serious process to light. The spies have just come back from the land God was giving them for a possession .

It is interesting that we see the following things occur.

  • Crying; their perception of the obstacles caused them to despair and buy into the narrative of impossibility.
  • Murmuring; they began to rise up to criticise the leaders God had raised up. They began to criticise Gods character alleging that He had brought them to kill them! Then they began to criticise the form of provision of manna.
  • Rebellion ; they began to see their time in slavery with delusion, particularly the cucumbers. They begin to plan to return to Egypt with a captain of their choosing .
  • Presumption : when God excludes them from the land they go up anyway and are defeated.

All these processes allude to a lack of hearing. God had a great plan for them as a Corporate Priesthood but they refused it. They had not understood spiritually why God had taken them out of Egypt. They had not understood the Covenant of Abraham. A lack of spiritual hearing.

In Revelation it is certain that the majority of those 7 Churches had not understood two things:

  • The revelation of Jesus: Jesus presents an aspect of Himself in each letter. In each letter the misapprehension of Jesus corresponded to the judgment that would come forth. Do the study and see.
  • The revelation of the times : the Churches had to understand that the persecution was working out a purpose in eternity. We see this in the fabric of John’s experience in heaven seeing the panorama of eternity from the Celestial perspective. This revelation was to impart an eternal vision needed at that time.

Without being connected to these two aspects the comprehension is lost and the opportunity missed just like in Numbers 13&14. Therefore it’s imperative that we activate the right ear to hear the right thing . The media, a powerful machine today will not activate the right ear to hear the right things .

What the Spirit says…

The writer to the Hebrews brings the following exhortation; if you hear the voice of the Spirit harden not your hearts… the example given is the Provocation of Israel to God. They provoked Him with their hardened heart. So in provocation they experienced exclusion from His Best.

The Spirit is speaking…we are either not hearing because we base our lives on our sensory level, without using the spiritual hearing and discernment or we have hardened our heart. This hardening may be our misunderstanding of world events and what we are facing.

The Spirit warns that we are living a age of great apostasy and deception. We are seeing a great struggle for domination of our thinking. We are being forced into mindsets that contradict the Word of God. The Spirit warns that the opposition is growing bolder in its advances against the Church. We either back down or pull on spiritual resources. To be different is presenting a potential for all known levels of attack .

From what I hear we have a short season to get in the harvests before there is a mighty confrontation.

From what I hear is read the season , prepare for war, prepare for Jesus’ return. It is not mystical rather a objective take on Scripture.

Our reaction is key. Our perception must be clear. We are seeing Jesus’ intercession bearing fruit.

What we are seeing are the first signs of the Father installing Jesus Throne of Judgment and Rule in the Earth. Do we discern it? Do we hear? Do we hear and embrace the Spirit’s instruction?

For not discerning Israel was excluded and made to wander like Cain. The Call is specific to be embraced and responded to. We must discern Jesus clearly today, not just Saviour but as Lord and King. We must discern the season!

Are you hearing the Spirit???


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