Writing and Publishing

Last year when I was in Colorado Springs I received on the final day before departure Psalm 12. It would spell a journey of discovery. I thought God was speaking into a situation I was living regarding my return to the UK.

Franciscan Retreat Centre Colorado Springs.

The Lord speaks in verse 6 that the Word is as silver, purified 7 times over. I asked the Lord to show me those 7 processes, and He did, which became a book. However in writing that book, I came accross the 12 Foundations of the Bride of Christ, the New Jerusalem, that also has been a work in progress. I am asking for prayer for this work, it is demanding as we have not been living an easy season with the pandemic, yet when I come to write sometimes there has to be a real effort in motivation. This is a matter for prayer. It is also a matter of warfare.

These books will be the foundation for teaching the Church deeper and richer dimensions of the Word. They will also will need translating into Spanish and Portuguese, as we would like to make up some study guides to accompany these volumes. These will make up the Leaders and Minister’s Pack for the poorer nations, where we aim to reach out to.

There is an urgency, because I believe we have 10 years left of harvest before things get rather complicated on the international scene. This means that we must now get ready to prepare for gathering in the Harvest of Souls, and recently God spoke to me that there were not just one harvest but in fact two. Revelation 1:7 speaks of the Scripture Zechariah 12.10 where God will reveal His Messiah to His people Israel.

3 Books for a Biblical Foundation

There are 3 titles to come:

  • 12 Foundations of the Church
  • 7 Processes of Purification in the Word
  • 7 Dimensions of Unity.

The purpose for this message is to ask for prayer, for inspiration, there is a war on, to stop these getting out. There will need to be study guides made up too. The harvest is not just for the evangelist but also for teachers, for the provision of resources. I would like to emulate the example of Al Houghton in using the Pray and Obey strategy, as we could just limit the publications to be selling only, and they will be offered for sale via internet, but when I go teacher, or if we are assisting poorer nations, these kind of resources are mostly out of reach. The Lord is preparing His Body for fulness before Jesus comes for His Church.

Post Pandemic ministry must adopt new ways of resourcing

Resourcing is not about financing, it is about putting revelation, material, study into the hands of those vocationed to teach. This way we will be challenging ministers to step into a greater dimension of ministry. We cannot be promoting ministry as before, as the Pandemic for my perspective is a watershed moment. A moment where we work with new methodology. That is prepare the CHURCH for Her Lord.

Many have asked how they can support, you can support by sending via Paypal using reverendrusselldurose@gmail.com as your reference. This will go to finance the publishing costs.

Keep the prayer effort coming.

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