Prophetic Perspective: Venezuela

Just been watching a YouTube video from Indigo Traveller. A visit to Caracas and showing the contrast between the rich and the poor.

From the ancient ruins so in God there will be a rebuilding of Ancient Ruins economically.

The Lord has stirred me to imagine what would Jesus be saying to the nation and its Church.

Jesus will reveal Himself afresh to the Church first then the nation

The Church in Venezuela 🇻🇪 will know a new foundation of faith that the Lord will lay with the pastors and leaders. They shall need to access spiritual resources before physical resources come. The passage is Isaiah 61, God anointing Jesus as said also Peter in Acts 2, God had anointed this Jesus to pour out what you see and hear. God is about to pour out on the Church in the nation a revelation of Jesus and that revelation shall cause an outpouring afresh of the Holy Spirit and the value system will no longer just be survival mode but calling forth of miraculous resourcing that shall turn around priorities.

I can relate a bit the culture of the nation having ministered in Spain , and living and ministering in 🇵🇹 Portugal. Obviously 🇪🇸 Spain and Portugal do not have the extensive economic crisis as Venezuela but the culture is similar.

The Church will experience a revival in praise and worship where broken hearts shall be healed Isaiah 61

Isaiah 61 seems to be the pattern I get in my spirit for Venezuela 🇻🇪. God wants to heal hearts who have had their dreams shattered via poverty, crime, violence. A new outpouring of healing shall come.

To release the captives: Isaiah 61

Many are demon possessed and shall see the Lord set the captives free.

All this will start getting pastors, leaders, prophets and intercessors together.

The revival will pour out and the ancient ruins shall be built.

I will pray that God opens a door for us there .

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