God has made this same Jesus , whom you have crucified both Lord and Christ…

We are in the Pentecost season, where we celebrate the descending Holy Spirit. It is not an intentional thing to study the above title, from Acts 2:36, but God does not direct us to study for a chance reason. This is a quote from Peter’s message. This message comes from the “deluge” of the Holy Spirit that descended precisely on the day they were celebrating first fruits.

When Jesus is Lord first and then Christ so the Holy Spirit will descend.

The Descending Holy Spirit only comes in a space where Jesus is promoted as Lord. This is not just a mere confession but a lifestyle. It is a determined exercise of taking up our cross, the one tailored for us, Jesus has already carried His, and is now at the Right Hand. He has to be Lord to the Church so He can be Christ to the world. This is the key, when Jesus gave His last words in His earthly time here, He spoke what the Spirit was coming to do, make them witnesses. What happens in this process of taking up our cross, is we need to die there, and live for the Lord, for who dies in Him is raised into a new life, new nature. If we desire fullness of the Holy Spirit we must walk in submission to what will bring us to DEATH TO OUR EGO.

We are so willing to judge others, but have a great difficulty of facing Jesus, judge of all the earth!

In studying Romans 2, we are guaranteed that the judgment we make on others will call down fire for all, the fire of our judgment will search out our own hearts and expose us also. We cannot call ministers out for pornography or adultery if we are watching internet porn. One minister in the USA, John Burton did a research and found through this lockdown, believers had become more and more critical and judgmental. This is very surprising for me, it shows that we have fallen short to some of the lessons we should have learnt. Whilst we are judging wrongly, calling Jesus Saviour, healer, suffering servant, yet not calling out first sin in our own lives we risk the world getting a wrong idea about Jesus.

The fact is if we cannot represent Him as King and Judge now, how will we when He draws to a close this age, and we stand before Him? The Holy Spirit brings us into that process.

Whilst we have been blind to the Judge, King and Lord of all the earth we have blessed what God has cursed!

Therefore as we cannot abide the scrutiny personally of the Lord, His correction, conviction, we hide behind an overemphasis of Jesus as the One who will only bless. We know that by not having Jesus the Judge moving in our lives we therefore cannot discern what is around us. Peter was in Prison by Herod, am sure the Church were not blessing Herod, Peter would have been killed had that been their prayer.

We cannot proclaim, prophesy until we have been like John, confronted by the Ascended Lord, whose eyes were like fire.

If His eyes were like fire, they would penetrate our soul! And out of His Mouth came a Two Edged sword, to cut asunder soul and spirit. The very vision of the Ascended Lord is overall a confrontation of our lives. It shows us where we are blind, where we are a mixture, where we are out of line, where we are far away! Our judgment is far from that of God’s. Look at Isaiah 11, it says that the man who flows in the Sevenfold Spirit, judges not with His eyes, nor with His Ears!

I believe that is what Jesus wants to do in us, He wants to bring us to be able to look upon Him as Lord and Judge of all the Earth! We need to allow ourselves be like Isaiah, undone by the Holiness of God. That way we can see Jesus as King and then transition into our own kingly role, as spoken by Revelation 1:6. We were made Kings and Priests unto God.

Because we have a vision in reverse, we try to exercise the priestly through good works, evangelism, and we see these are powerless because it takes the Kingly to release the authority and signs and wonders to do it to win souls!

So I can hasten to say, in light of what we see in these images, we have not had an encounter with this Jesus. John’s reaction was to be as dead, faint. For the Kingdoms of this world to become the Kingdom of God through His Christ, must start to happen through a Church moving in its Kingly function.

The very end will not come unless the Church reflects the Image of the One who birthed Her

The Holy Spirit came to bring this body of people into being as the eternal community. Peter saw Jesus in a moment of revelation, proclaimed Him as Messiah and Jesus showed them all what foundation the Church would be established, in the Person of Jesus Christ, Lord and King!

Psalm 2, speaks of God setting His King on His Holy Hill. If God the Father sets His King, so Jesus will set His Kingly Company also. This is that season.

If we would be less judgmental and less critical surely we would exercise Godly Justice in the Earth!

It means making an entire shift! It means that we exchange our ideas concerning authority, concerning what and who Jesus is! If we stop simply at the issues which provoke controversy, provoke debate, divisions, wrong perceptions and begin to access the Judicial from God, through the Kingly function He gave us, maybe our idea of God’s judgment would be closer to who He is, and the world would change.

For Jesus to access that Kingly throne He had to pass through a process…this is the roadmap to our Kingly function which releases our priesthood.

Hebrews 12 speaks about that road map. It speaks of Jesus sitting down at the Right Hand. Before doing that He had to endure, He had to despise. We must endure through the process God is taking us through. Yesterday I spoke about the process of shaking so that what should fall away would cause the eternal things remain. This is the process by which Jesus will extend the invitation to sit with Him on the Right Hand. We look on priesthood in a soft light, but when you think of it, the first exercise of priesthood is sacrifice and blood shed, so in going through that process we like Jesus can access our Kingship, and our priesthood can be activated.

I believe we really need to ask Jesus to visit us afresh and make that shift. The whole ministry of the Church will change. Surely the lack of the “normal” could cause us to perceive this!

We all need it so that the harvest, the Last Fruits can come in! And that our kingly function can prepare the way for the King of kings to appear!


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