We are receiving a Kingdom which cannot be moved. Hebrews 12:28

It has been a few days since I have posted here, due to some deep reflection, as for a while God has been taking me through some Scripture and through some guidance over the season we are living. There are seasons which come and go, the Word stays constant.

Verse 28 of Hebrews 12 is the culmination of a process, which starts in Psalm 110, in that King Jesus must sit by His Father, the Ancient of Days.

Verse 27 gives us the lead into verse 28:

Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain KJV.

This speaks to the process that we go through to see ourselves in the “receiving” of that Kingdom in v28. For us to receive the Kingdom Jesus needs to receive it first, for which Daniel 7 shows us very clearly. God gave Him Dominion, power and a Kingdom. Jesus in Psalm 110, revealed by Peter in Acts 2, is at the Right Hand of the Ancient of Days to see complete the restoration of all things, in the earth and in the heavens. This establishes the programme of God. For that to happen there has been removal by shaking.

This season was a shaking due to a removal of an old routine.

 The lockdown over the nations is now being seen in a negative light. Yet God permitted it, or even sent it. The fruits are different for each. The first thing was that the daily grind of routine, of running about, activity has been largely reduced.

Our work has either been confined to home, or some have indeed lost employment. Some who were scheduled for surgery found their hospital closed to surgery. Some who were used to going down the high street to shop, to take a coffee, found coffee shops closed. The whole part of life was reduced.

Churches were closed, and meetings banned. No social interaction beyond the family unit. Suddenly the social circuit was largely via social media.

What has been shaken has been things and habits

What we said goodbye to, were those things which did not benefit us in the way we now know, our spiritual focus. What has been shaken are those things which distracted us from what is really important.

If God has been shaking all things He is about to reveal what needs to remain.

I believe we are in a season of preparation, and v28 of Hebrews 12 tells us. There comes a time when we are preparing to be in place to receive the fullness of the Kingdom. Where we see King Jesus rule in our lives bringing harmony, bringing a resolution to issues which we have long left dormant in our being. What He needs to reveal are the building blocks of our calling. We are much more than working, eating and sleeping, and the weekend social times, even church meetings. Even things can be so mechanical. We could have been regularly teaching and preaching, now we are finding time to reflect and write.

Those things that CANNOT be shaken are eternal things

God speaks to us out of Hebrews 11:1, concerning the “substance” that we need, that eternal substance, the same being that which created the universe. Matthew 25 speaks of the light and oil we need for the eternal realms when Jesus comes and takes us into our eternal destiny. We mostly focussed on the now, with the extent of the pandemic and the lockdowns we had time to understand these were not normal times. Now we are coming out are we going to take these lessons that contributed to our “substance” we received in the quarantine? Or we will get busy all over again, forgetting the intimacy with Jesus? My hope is we will not. However humanity has a habit of quickly forgetting.

After praying the place was shaken and they were filled with the Holy Spirit

This comes from Acts 4:31 which is a different shaking. We were speaking of a shaking that comes to us, however this shaking is as a result of prayer we cause shaking to happen. There is a great truth here: GOD HAD TO SHAKE US HUMANLY SO WE COULD SHAKE THE HEAVENS AND CAUSE THEM TO COME DOWN! This I believe could be a major part why God allowed/ sent the lockdown. I can tell you personally that I shall never be the same since this started in March. Much I thought, much I expected was shaken and removed. The shaking comes to cause things to fall away from us. Unfortunately for some, lost their lives, and others saw other losses, it seems difficult to understand, other than this is an unfortunate consequence of our generation, our world we live in. It is not easily explained.

What remains will withstand what is before us

What I see is we are being prepared for greater trials before us, and persecution. I see a great harvest ahead too. However the world, and many of those who live in sin and wickedness will transform into the image of that wickedness. What God does when He removes from us, is strengthen that which remains. What remains is Kingdom! This Kingdom is ruled in peace and joy in the Holy Spirit!

What God is building in us, which cannot be shaken are the pillars which will bring in the last harvest, come with Jesus to judge the earth. For so long believers have been the tail and not the head. This is the preparation time, and this part is coming to an end. A new season is ahead.

Jesus was sorely tried by Satan in the wilderness, the Holy Spirit guided Him there, led Him to be tried and tested. Many of us have been tried and tested in this time. Then just as we get used to these cycles, then God begins to bring us out, however as Jesus was led in to the desert by the Spirit He comes out in the power of the Spirit. We need to be prepared as God brings us out!

In Isaiah 6, the glory and the declarations of the seraphim and cherubim caused a shaking, and what came to Isaiah in the live coal, the call, was a Messianic preparation ministry. Isaiah was probably the prophet who saw Jesus’ ministry, 800 years before it happened, and prepared God’s people for it. Today I believe God is wanting to bring to us our live coal so we are prepared to see the eternal Messianic Kingdom and a new heaven and earth. It is not Church as normal, it is time to get into the Word, pray, so that we will cry out like the Holy Spirit does for Jesus to come! The shaking was to bring His visitation in Isaiah 6. He is shaking today to visit His Church.

So how will we come out of our desert?


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