“I am he that liveth”

18 I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death. Revelation 1:18

It is time the world sees Jesus, the Ascended Lord alive, and alive for evermore. When one has gone past death, back into life again, as Jesus did, has authority over death and authority in life!

He has been exalted above all things and all people, and all heavenly hosts!

 Author and perfecter of faith and Alpha and Omega

The fact is the Church has focused more on other things than Jesus Himself. If the Church is His Body, then why have we let other things take more precedence than He? Right now a stop to “Church politics” has been forced by this international emergency. Right now God is calling us to put Jesus in His rightful place. Once we place prayer and study of God’s word then the Author will start to write the Word in our heart and manifest His Word in our every day life.

The Word has an Author who is living and whose words have creative power. They perfect God’s purpose within the earth.

For I know the plans I have for you…

Jeremiah 29:11 are the most difficult words to write, to a devastated people. They lost their country, their homes, their work, their finances, their Church. Yet Jesus says “I am He that liveth” and desires for us to put Him in His rightful context. You may have suffered losses in this pandemic, but Jesus is He that lives…to bring us into His divine project. For Jeremiah this letter to the captives would need the prophets with them to apply this word. They could say as Gideon “where is this God you all preached about? Where is He now, I lost a family member to COVID19? Where is this God that I lost my job?”

Losses are doorways to great gain…

The fact is we have presented a gain Gospel, but in all the Word we see men and women confronted by impossible circumstances but because of their faith they conquered fear, and acquired the resources to turn their situation around. It is in our losses we identify with God the Father who also lost His Son for moments. We must ask what the trial is gaining for us…Paul said “this momentary tribulation is gaining for me a great weight of glory…” How did Paul arrive at this conviction? He gained this because he saw how great God’s power was even though his suffering was great he also saw the great power of God manifest.

From Sepsis to Senses

In January I was preparing to go to the USA, after a journey I made to Colorado Springs in September, and in October I was preparing to go again, then in January, 2nd, I became very sick, to the point I was in 2nd stage Sepsis, and yet I could not understand why I was passing through this. The only thing I learned was to let Go and let God. I was in a pretty bad state when I entered the Emergency department. Yet in 3 days I bounced back, was discharged home. People in the ICU wanted to know who the missionary was who had bounced back. When this crisis started, I began to comprehend that this Sepsis emergency was preparation for what we are living now, because he who “dies” once has no fear. What I prayed last time I was away at Douai Abbey, the Lord led me to pray for a special deposit of faith. This faith means that we can access knowledge and wisdom for this season. The pandemic has highlighted the work of God in stopping everything bringing a reset in the Church and judgment across the world. When I mention Jeremiah 29:11, everybody knows it, but this purpose of God is only accessable to those who can process suffering as a grace to which we see a bigger picture.

The bigger picture was that Israel was being prepared for its Messiah, the world for its Saviour! The people were idolaters when they entered the Captivity yet they were fully desiring Zion when they came out. How we went into this pandemic is not how we will come out!

So we must look beyond what we are suffering and see that God desires to reveal a greater purpose. The greater purpose right now, more than ever is that the Kingdom is about to be installed, and its King enthroned. For this reason we need to be prepared.

Until this crisis not much preaching about Jesus’ return, but Jesus in Matthew 24, and 25 is about watching and being vigilant concerning Jesus’ return.

Jesus will not return as Saviour but as King!

Are you ready to meet Jesus face to face? This time is coming. He is coming to bring the fulness of the Kingdom.

John saw Jesus, the Ascended Lord, in Revelation 1, to bring him a new experience of going to heaven, seeing eternity and history from a heavenly perspective, and to see the persecution of the Church from God’s perspective, to bring hope. The fact is the Roman Empire fell in 400AD, and the faith continued until today.

We need a perspective of God for this pandemic, in the same way that John to situate his own situation by seeing a clear vision of Jesus as King and Lord. This vision needs to be imparted by the ministries to the Church now, so that the Church be prepared for the Great Harvest and prepare the Church for the end times.

What is your vision of Jesus? The disciples were looking for the King, but received a Saviour! We are constantly looking for the Saviour but who will come, will come as King.

He is the Lord that lives, and as He conquered death and hades so we too will overcome as we process the pandemic in the grace God extends at this special time!

John was boiled in oil, but did not die, was banished to Patmos, but He had a vision of suffering that caused Him to be able to access the heavenly vision. This means we today have a full perspective of God’s purposes. It gives us hope and faith!


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