I will not hold my peace…I will not rest until…Isaiah 62

Isaiah 62 speaks to the establishment of a spiritual community…in verse 1 we hear God forever vowing to speak of Zion. If God is speaking, and refuses to be quiet…how much today! This Scripture is so marvellous to read, because there we can see what God desires to do, and what He has already done.

What does God establish to make Jerusalem a praise in the Earth: set His King to reign there!

God is speaking now…He will not cease to speak in favour of His Zion, the Church and the Israelite Remnant.

Until her righteousness go forth as Brightness

The righteousness of His People is Christ, the Righteousness of God. Hebrews 11:3 says that Jesus is the brightness of God’s glory. So if the Church comes into this righteousness so Jesus shall go forth throughout the earth, as a brightness, and no darkness shall persist throughout the world. How will that righteousness be established in His people? How will it begin to shine within the hearts of His people? Genesis 15 tells us simply that Abraham believed. God the Father reckoned righteousness to Abraham because he believed. He entered into righteousness in God.

19 For it pleased the Father that in him should all fulness dwell;Colossians 1:19. KJV

The Father had pleasure in having His fulness dwell, so also in turn should the fulness of the Son dwell in His People, and so the brightness come! It is simply not only just believing, but renewing our mind. There is so much dark news, so much negative press, so much talk of recession, poverty, death, that if we believe and steer our lives by it, you will find darkness follow us around. To receive the fulness of God we must believe and connect with a different reality, one that says that these 3 will remain, faith hope and love. God the Father will not stop declaring that we become the vehicle of His Son’s brightness.

Why does the establishment of Jerusalem matter? It is the only city that God will cause to descend in its glory and perfect state. We shall be citizens of that celestial community. It shall be a fulfilment of God’s promise to Abraham, way back 4000 years ago.

When an inventor invents something his design makes the thing fulfil its purpose. God formed the Church, extended covenant to Israel, and God has bound in Himself to fulfil His promises to His Purposes.

What does God then do? He turns Jerusalem a crown in His Hand…so that He can show His authority on the earth.

God shows us that He takes something and puts His Crowning glory on it and makes it a crown for all to see and recognise its authority

 God not only causes the people to be a brightness, but now a crown in God’s hand. The crown is a symbol of royalty.

He makes us a brightness of righteousness and a crown of His Authority

The Lord is going to do a work in this lockdown…He is going to cause us to recognise the crown He is making us to be in His Hand. If it were not in His Hand then it would not be the authority of His Hand. For us to move into that authority, we must first submit to it. James 4 tells us that as we submit to the kratos hand of God, so the devil will flee. The “kratos” hand is the hand of dominion, and if we submit to it when it comes to us, then we shall see others submit to it when it moves through us.

Verse 2 of Isaiah 62 tells us that the nations will recognise and see that His People are royalty. God’s royalty will be worked into their hearts. If we accept this, so God will fashion in us this new reality.

God will rejoice over you like a bridegroom rejoices over His Bride

Look at the imagery here. Many times ago I published here a message concerning that end time Marriage. I saw it as God’s wonderful plan that He is putting into motion. So as we have received from His Hand our “crown” so now we move into a rejoicing season of God where He will rejoice over us like a bridegroom rejoice over His Bride as she enters the sanctuary all ready and dressed. Revelation 19 and 20 tells us that wonderful future we have.

God’s joy over us is not just a momentary excitement no, it is a joy of anticipation that we shall shortly enter into the greatest place of yadah with Him, intimacy where we shall weave ourselves with Him. It is this reality that the enemy knows once we grasp our royalty, our divine betrothal, he is defeated.

So as we have been uplifted by Isaiah’s vision we come back to the current situation, what does God do?

Once we have grasped the destiny God has for us, so He will place on our “walls” angels, servants who will give God no rest till He establishes us

God is setting on the walls an army who will declare, pray, worship giving God no rest. There is an intensifying throughout the nations, calling upon God for His establishing. Governments can try to establish in this crisis, but this crisis are birth pangs of our future destiny. The Bride must be prepared, and the covenant city of Jerusalem be fashioned by our prayers, as it shall descend from heaven. Whilst now, Jerusalem is a controversy through the earth, a stone of stumbling for nations, so God is preparing a New Jerusalem of uniting nations and covenant people. We need to focus our attention on that prayer for that Jerusalem!!!

The New Jerusalem makes no sense unless there be a union between the Bride and Christ.

The light of day from the sun, or night by the moon will give way to Christ being our eternal day. When God establishes His New Jerusalem so praise and worship shall be the sound of the whole world.

There are many things we rest on, which we should be agitated about. We should give ourselves no rest, and then God no rest until we see a new establishing in the earth. The symbol is Jerusalem but the true objective of this is God’s covenant people. It is time to move up a gear in our intercession, from repentance but calling on God for establishment.

It is time to move up a gear as we are on the “walls” of our Jerusalem and bring together a corporate cry of prayer for God to establish His Jerusalem!

As He has established us so we must ask God to establish His Promise to Abraham for a celestial community to be manifest in the earth.

Today I have made on this site a new area called the “New Normal” which is in the top banner. It is to declare whilst the world declares we will have to always live with the “virus” we will be presenting a new but Scriptural vision of what that New Normal will be.

The new normal will be a people of new authority, of great prayer, great praise, deep worship and a Bride prepared for her lover!

So no more church buildings now, no pulpits, just our homes, and all the time to prioritise. I believe that we need to make this preparation time! We need to project for eternity and our union with our lover as a Celestial community. We seem to dismiss this as being future. it is not! It is present through the Holy Spirit in our hearts.

Now we cannot meet in the building so we become His Building so we return to this building filled with God that filled all His Buildings!

We must be uplifted by this word from Isaiah because it gives us an involvement in its fulfilment, it gives us a objective to map out before us, and gives us a new hope. We cannot say normality has stopped, it has, but God is bringing us a new normal.

Verse 10 tells us to prepare the way of the people, casting up the stones, and those stones are the unbelief, fear, depression, poverty they could be fighting this time. In verse 11 is the declaration:

Say to the daughter of Zion Her salvation comes!

This is what we must do, tell the Church, tell Israel that salvation is nigh upon us. All of our inheritance from God is about to be poured out on us. We have focussed on our momentary needs, but not prepared for eternity. We have taught that we are departing, but in the Scriptures it tells us of a new earth. God is bringing it to us.

The fulness of our redemption is near…let us prepare, because as we give Him no rest, as we gain our brightness, as we become His Crown, so we will see Him establish our eternal abode!


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