For He gives you the Former rain in just measure, and causes to come down the former and latter rain in the first month; Joel 2 Prophetic Word for the Recovery

The Lord has been contending with me and confirming through Jeremiah Johnson word concerning God’s 📅 calendar for the year. Today the Lord has been talking to me about the season coming concerning the recovery which is the new season ahead. And that season is about to be unfolded before us.

It has to be noted that fulness dictates the change of season. Like ✍ writing a page, when the page is full we turn over the page to a new one. Pleroma the Greek word for fulness dictates the new season. The Word in Galatians tells us this phrase “in the fulness of time” . So what is this fulness God is waiting for? He is waiting for the “cup” of intercession to be full.

In Revelation 5 the prayers of the saints filled the bowls which the angel mixed with the coals of the altar. These coals represent the Work of Jesus, the Word of God. These have a direct correlation with what God is about to manifest in the earth 🌎. So once what God looks for is the fulness of intercession, and for many days in this lockdown I looked for the reason that we are in this season and situation. Now I believe the answer has been given. Once the cup is full it shall be mixed with the incense of heaven, the coals, from the heavenly incense altar. So God is waiting for the cup, 🥣 bowl that is in His Hand to be full.

Of course the prayer efforts are gaining traction and we will see the season changed.

In this we will see God establish the mechanisms of sowing and reaping a harvest. These are both in a spiritual application and a resource application. The Lord is going to transfer the wealth of the unjust to the just and not only wealth but the power to produce the staple ingredients to feed the nations.

Of course the stimulus packages 📦 of each nation to sustain the economy and its population will naturally have a natural negative effect in the laws of economics however God is saying “I am about to bring a new and extraordinary time of sowing and reaping, investment and return together”. ”

From what I am getting from the Lord is that He is going to first bring in a restoration where 🌧 rain shall come to establish the harvests. A new spiritual time that shall first deal with the coronavirus then healing with a whole new time of great restoration in the economy. The laws of economics and economists are about to be surprised by the fact that their predictions will come to nought because God will open His Storehouses. Usually the time from sowing to reaping has some distance the Lord is going to bring these together to be parallel and working in conjunction.

God is about to bring a miraculous increase in grain, in oil and 🍷 wine. He is going to show that the healing of the land of 2 Chronicles 7:14 and how that is manifest. The Lord is about to restore favour on His Church ⛪ and His people where new resourcing and influence shall be given.

The motive for this new season is because there is a harvest to be brought in of souls. Many think that this is not borne out biblically however what we must remember from Joel 2 is that the Latter Rain has not fallen on the earth yet. The latter rain was to prepare the ground for harvest. However what comes after is the Day of the Lord.

And this all hinges on that fact. The Day of the Lord is coming to deal and confront the evil one. This confrontation will be so great that what we are living now in isolation will seem light to those days.

So in conclusion it is not just interceding for relief but it is grasping what are the new seasons before us and preparing for them. Our intercession will fill the cup and tip the scales which change the season. We have a part to play. Let us perceive what God is showing us at this time.


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