Prophetic Word from Lloyd Symes

Very few prophetic words vibrate in my spirit, but this one does from a group that prays for the UK. Here it is.

I was caught upin the Spirit last Sunday after seeing David Derrington’s post on the Army of God. 
Jesus came up to me and told me to step out of the wrong identity that I had recently developed. I left the clothing on the floor like the blind beggar in the Gospel
I was taken to a high place and I saw a large army. Jesus said this army assembled on it own initiative and it is my people. 
The army was facing nothing. The lord took me to a place and picked up what can be described as husk like an old wasp nest. He crushed it in his hand. It was dead this is the SOURCE of the Cronus Virus 
I found my self back on the mountain top. He said if I called the army it would be significantly more than that. 
He then looked at me ( I am a friend of Jesus ) he said like a work colleague might say to another in jest. I am coming soon. I knew he was taking a pop at the Conspiracy and Eschatology teachers cashing in on the current climate 
Not only that over the last two weeks I had been pondering on what the Gospel is. I coined the phrase Billy Graham preached part of the Gospel he did not preach the Gospel. Prosperity is part of the Gospel it is not the Gospel. The Gospel of Mark states this is the Gospel. It starts Mark 1 and as finishes Mark 16. 
Christ can’t return till the Gospel has been preached to every Tribe and Nation !!!!!
I can’t remember how I got to this place due to waiting a week 
I felt the Lord say Forty Days to break a habit forty days to make a habit. This crisis will last approx 12 weeks. 
That he is preparing the church for a new move. I won’t say revival more like Reform 
This is the Lloyd not the Lord but it is my understanding of what is happening. 
We have three types of Christians 
1.     Sons who know Father Son and Holy Spirit. Whom Christ is formed in. They rarely go to church but abide in the Lord. Who look to see what the father is doing and respond accordingly 
2     Those who think the Gospel is there for there own emotional phycological financial gain. Who are looking to build there own ministries. These Christians don’t tolerate group 1 as they don’t get them and see them as a threat 
3.    Those under the influence of the ministers. As cited in group 2. This group are always learning never perceiving. Pushed around by every wind of doctrine and the trickery of men. Always looking to see what the Devil is doing. 
Group 2 are not going to be able to Function in this climate as they rely heavily on money. Quote often manipulation control and witchcraft. They will lose there grip on group 3 

There will be many variations of course. But group 2 will greatly diminish as they can’t function. 
As I came out of the Spirit I picked up my phone and saw a banner saying 12 weeks duration before getting back to normal. Though I think it will get better as April increases 
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I read your word, as I read many these days, there are few I really have a vibration with, yours did with me. It was a very powerful demonstration. We have walked a preparation in this wise, for about 3 years, I have personally. I sense we are being given a “reset” in God. Bless you again.


Rev. Russell Durose

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