Letter to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Dear Prime Minister Boris Johnson
We are very pleased you won over the COVID19 virus. However I am taking the opportunity to respond to your video on your discharge. Many may churches when hearing that you had gone into Intensive care went into Intense prayer asking God to heal and rescue you. We had the conviction your life hung in the balance. Your lack of acknowledgement of the role that the Church played was very noticeable. We do not deny that the medical team that treated you were amazing but the virus is such that modern medicine is still trying to combat it. It was no doubt that God had the determining factor in that you did not die.
We have no doubt in our minds, Prime minister, that you are God’s choice in this hour of crisis and we support you. I ask you consider issuing a statement to thank those that prayed for you and acknowledging that God saved you in conjunction with the medical care. This way you ensure divine favour and access to His wisdom for the days ahead.

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