Easter Week: The seder in the Upper Room

There is something very important concerning what we term as being the Last Supper. It is enshrined within the Israelite tradition that the Seder is the meal and celebration, prophetic of the flight from Egypt. There is a few recommendations God makes to Moses, for them to observe.

The Seder of Jesus

Just as we embark on the pattern of the Seder I must recommend Catholic Theologian and ex Presbyterian minister Scott Hahn has written in detail concerning the Seder in his book “The Fourth Cup”. A very enlightening read. Please contact via this link to have this book: https://stpaulcenter.com/product/the-fourth-cup-unveiling-the-mystery-of-the-last-supper-and-the-cross/?fbclid=IwAR312ZKJzKbofV3YQLWzKJZdJkc8zrCcvg4DhyNJUcB34SWhRz_r_Et-ln0 . I really recommend this read, as it gives an insight into the layout and the way the Seder was eaten, the different ceremonies, which we need to understand from the Jewish brothers. Dr. Scott Hahn gives a wonderful insight.

For Moses the first recommendation was the emphasis of the family being shut in, in their homes. The second being the taking of a 3 year old lamb, perfect without spot. Each family must have a lamb. We are taking this from Exodus 12. Then for 4 days have the live lamb in their homes. On the 14th day they must kill it, verse 6. The blood then would be painted fresh upon the doorposts of their home. This is very specific, in that their own personal lamb would be killed in their home and the fresh blood would be painted on the doorposts. Then they would roast the flesh and eat all of the lamb meat and not leave anything the next day. It shall be roasted with fire.

The Passover Seder would be eaten with their loins girded, dress for flight. They would eat in haste because as verse 11, says, this is the LORD’S PASSOVER!

The Lord would pass over them to destroy the nation’s firstborn because Israel would receive their firstborn, only Begotten, Messiah. The judgment upon Egypt was paving the way for the salvation of the whole world.

The bread would need to not have any leaven, so that it would be bitter, to remind them of their slavery.

The significance of this Seder, to be eaten in all generations, would be told that God “passed over” the houses of the righteous to take away the firstborn of Pharoah and all of Egypt.

The fact is Jesus, took this Seder, and in Himself, being the Lamb, becoming our personal, family Lamb, must be in our home, and we must remember Him, His sacrifice on Calvary. This sacrifice, bring a disctinction between the righteous and the unrighteous, because we will not entertain the “leaven” in our homes. This being anything profane, of sin. We will paint the Blood of Jesus upon the doorposts of our families.

I do not sense that as we are all forced into our homes, not to celebrate the Passover in the normal way, restricted to our families, as God emphasized the family in Exodus 12, and emphasizing the eating of the Seder.

There is something prophetic about the Eucharist/Communion in that it must be “eaten” with ourselves ready for flight. As God would pass over Egypt so the righteous would exit the nation. God Himself would take them to the sea, the Red Sea, to take them through signs and wonders, walking through to their promise. There is a end time aspect to our Last Supper meal, for Jesus passed the Cup, saying He would not drink until the fulness of His Kingdom. He is coming to His Kingdom fulness, when He returns and establishes His Throne. The passover precedes the spoil, and exodus from Egypt. It is prophetic also of Joel 2, which demands the participation of all for seeking God, for spoil and a exodus, for the harvest.

I sense that this Passover, if we heed the Spirit’s call will bring into motion in the earth a transfer of influence, of wealth, a new economy to the righteous. I believe that there will be a demonstration of God’s power this Easter that whilst many do not acknowledge God in their personal lives, they will see that God has acted on the behalf of His People.

Indeed destruction walks now in the earth, but God will make a distinction according to following His Seder, and applying the centrality of Jesus in our families, the Lamb, the Blood. Not allowing leaven to filter into our lives. Many have separated themselves from normal activity, to devote to Bible Study, prayer and intercession. This will make the way for protection in these dangerous days.

This Passover God is making a point, that we remember that He is making the Church to be a family, so it can be a Church again in the true sense of the Word. That way God will spoil the enemy, and transport to our promise.


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