Don’t forget the daily Podcasts

Hi there! How is quarantine going? Today another Podcast has been uploaded. See our daily podcast page which you can find in the menu above. It is being a joy seeking out God’s Word for this very crucial hour. This hour is critical for the Church to catch what God is ordaining the Church to be so that in being she can do what needs to be done to deal with the emergency on the nations. What needs to be done? We need to do business with God to receive the authority to exercise the gift of healing. Zechariah 12.10 … Continue reading Don’t forget the daily Podcasts

Retreat for Refresh

For many the routines have gone, work closed, schools closed. The structures are all being shaken. We are meeting this challenge by supplying daily podcasts and messages for you to use the opportunity to edify and prepare for when this crisis passes, and it will pass. Families will need support in a very trying time. Whilst governments can care by financial relief, and hospital care for all who need it, it is up to the Church to provide the care. Lagoinha London, Brazilian based Church, called here to minister to the UK, with their Churches are in Birmingham, Manchester and … Continue reading Retreat for Refresh


“Behold I make all things new.” Revelation 22 KJV God is declaring to me that a “Reset” is coming in everything. Speaking with Al Houghton today in California, all are at home, obeying the President’s guidelines, here in the UK, one by one businesses are closing, aeroplanes are in hangars, banks in closure, cafes and restaurants closed, theatres and cinemas. So the streets, highways, motorways, interstates are empty of traffic. It seems like scenes from “I am Legend.” The panic of many as the pillars of life are taken away. It is a new start. The Lord is already speaking … Continue reading Reset

Blow the Trumpet, call a solemn assembly: Joel 2

“Blow the Trumpet in Zion, sound the alarm in my holy Hill…call a solemn Assembly.” Joel 2 This message today is the clarion call to the Church, whatever denomination, whatever persuasion, to every believer not even affiliated, to all who profess Yahweh as their God, to obey the prophetic call. The current crisis calls for a solemn assembly as nation after nation closes down, as it seems a unseen hand has interrupted the normal economy, the normal legislative process. We are seeing precedents broken through we are seeing the stage being set, for a globalist takeover of the world, without … Continue reading Blow the Trumpet, call a solemn assembly: Joel 2

Testing 1,2,3 Coronavirus is rehearsal for what?

There is no sense in this post that the spread of Covid19 is not real, and that the effects of it being felt. I am disquieted in spirit at the response to this crisis. Country after country is closing down. I sense that this will usher in a world government or initiate the slow preparation for the beast system. Complaints have been made that money could be a carrier of the virus. Transactions by electronic means is going to take over cash transaction. The response of each country has been the same pattern, quiet admission there is a problem, daily … Continue reading Testing 1,2,3 Coronavirus is rehearsal for what?

Church and Ministry Finance

Now that this crisis has taken hold most Churches are now reverting to online versions of meetings where believers are encouraged to stay at home. This will impact on finances of ministries and Churches. Please pray for this as my own activities will be curtailed for a while. God provides yes, and we will need to see how that provision is met. In 1 Kings 17 we see in a time of famine that Elijah is taken to the Brook Cherith. There the ravens brought him meat in the morning and in the evening. God chose to use nature itself … Continue reading Church and Ministry Finance