When the world covenants fail


The Lord has been dealing with me concerning the financial system.

The note above has the phrase; “The bearer promises to pay the sum of £20.”

This is covenantal. This is a exchange for goods or services. In this Coronavirus crisis this covenant has been broken. The governments that can are carrying the whole nation so the flow from services or goods is very very limited. The Lord then Drew the parallel between Joseph and the famine and the people seeing finances fail and every exchange come to nothing.

What we need to see reestablished as in Joel 2 is the release of new wine, oil and grain. This way the prosperity is released. It can only be released by repentance prayer.

There is a choice for us. We either grasp the opportunity to give God what He is looking for to kill the virus, establish a new economy covenant, and a world harvest of souls or let the economy of the world be restarted by the same people who enslave and rob. The system will be diametrically opposed to the true covenantal foundation of godly financing.

I am sure many are waking up to this challenge but be warned, barriers and precedents to freedom have been curtailed and the globalists are waiting to propose a socialist system. One candidate for leadership of a party here said socialism was the only way out of the depression that is coming.

The last depression so deep as it was led onto war and the Marshall system of an economy coming from the ruins of war. I see patterns repeating themselves unless the Church do business with God, so that God’s business can restart the world economy based on pure and right covenants and equality not robbery.

It’s time for God’s Joseph to come forth.

We must call for repentance prayer of Joel 2.


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