In Wrath remember Mercy

O Lord, I have heard bthy speech, and was afraid:

O Lord, drevive thy work in the midst of the years,

In the midst of the years make known;

In wrath remember mercy.

Habakkuk 3.2

We are almost into a week into the United Kingdom lockdown, which for those who follow it the population has for some part flouted the rules. This week has been one which we have reflected in the messages and the podcasts, live videos, to address this world crisis. There is a great argument going on in the various theological camps, between those that believe this is a judgment, and those who hold to a theology is known in the light of all scripture to be error, that God no longer judges the earth because He has poured all judgment on His Son at Calvary.

The most balanced Scripture to illustrate God’s judgments on the earth has to be this one in Habakkuk, that in seasons of judgment is this one. Judgment is the result of reaping what has been sown. Man has sown iniquity for at least 50 years, and the sowing must have a time when it switches to reaping. We sometimes think that the land can take the iniquity forever, but as we see from Genesis 15 God alerts to the fact that within generations the land of the Amorites will be so full of wickedness that the very land would spit them out! The Amorites always positioned themselves against God’s people.

When we examine Sodom and Gomorrah we resort to traditional interpretations, when In Ezekiel 16 we see the real reason. Laziness and pride are the two reasons. In fact these two, have invaded the Church. Laziness being the lack of spiritual autonomy, the pursuit of a Gospel without the Cross. A Gospel that replaced the Cross with comfort . Right now we spent our time searching for what would entertain us, make us feel happy. The Gospel cost the Early Church everything. Many lost their lives because they stood for the Testimony. The greatest vision of Scripture found in Revelation was given to John, who was put into a cauldron of hot oil, and God preserved him, and then he was banished to Patmos to die there, with boils on his skin. One cannot begin to imagine the agony he underwent to bear the Testimony of Jesus.

John on Patmos

His first vision is of the Ascended Christ, who shows him the glory and the victory that He had entered into. The next thing is what God discharges to His Church, and then the panorama of human history from heaven’s perspective.

Some of the imagery presented seemed in recent times far fetched and far removed from our reality, now with all society forcibly quarantined in their homes, governments now trying to fight a killer virus. Yet the precedents that have brought us to this point have been broken, and the doorway to the Antichrist system is wide open. Yet what is the wrath Habbukkuk speaks? It is that God has allowed the whole earth to come to a STOP. Nothing almost is operating…people are losing their lives, doctors are exhausted and falling prey to the virus. However you like to view this, God has allowed this, and there is something we are not seeing.

In my study this week I have seen that there is a higher way we must begin to comprehend, the eternal perspective. The Church grew more in times of calamity and upheavals. The saints are more visible in the darkness. Fruit is not attained for this life, but accrued for the next. When you consider the great heroes of faith spent most of their lives in preparation, for a short front line mission. God spoke to me this way: I am not interested in human achievement but eternal fruit. One wonders how this can be accrued and it seems to me that it is accrued in the most extreme of circumstances.

What is coming after this are two parrallel paths, that will be walked out. For the saints, revival will come. Hence in the Scripture God will “remember” mercy! In all times of “judgment” there is access to “mercy” because of a platform available called “covenant”. God sent the plagues on Egypt, and in Goshen they never arrived. God sent famine on Canaan but Isaac sowed and reaped a hundredfold. God sent a flood, but Noah spent 120 years building a ark. In every calamity, in every disaster there is a covenant to access where God provides a space where calamity does not fall. There is a last time harvest and space for that to happen. Already in this crisis, there are the globalists coming forward to propose a global government. This is foundational for the Beast system, and the eventual revealing of the antichrist.

God will remember mercy for those in covenant, but it is already a season of wrath. Wickedness has accrued its reward. So I believe that in this very difficult time, it will be a watershed moment. It will be remembered for all time, just like 11th September 2001. This time, whole nations will experience pain. Our human mind cannot comprehend the justice in it, but for the world it must face its destiny, without God it will experience pain. With God, miracles, prosperity and perfecting in grace will be experienced, even facing suffering and death will the character of God shine. Upon these He will “remember” His mercy.

We must set our faces like a flint, as we must ask God to “remember” His Mercy and grant us the End Days Harvest. That way the mercy will cover the harvest for 7 years. That way millions will escape “the wrath to come.”

For the saints our future is eternal, and everything happening now is about that eternal destiny….that way we can process the pain to become grace. Outside of this we will be swept away by the pain, and anguish by our misinterpretation of Scripture, purpose of the Gospel, and accruing eternal fruit. All these must be comprehended to participate in the greatest journey to eternity.

God spoke to Moses to have the people of Israel keep in their homes, as the angel of destruction was to pass over. They were to close their doors, and paint blood on the doorposts.

Then they were to feast upon the Lamb, and to pray and sing the song of Moses. The angel was to see the Blood and pass. The result being that Egypt was humiliated, right from the Pharoah, not one Egyptian house escaped. They pleaded with Moses that the people leave, and leave with all they needed.

Whatever plays out in this crisis we can remember His covenant so He remembers His Mercy…in a time of wrath.


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