Lockdown update!

We are in our first week since Boris Johnson announced our lockdown. It is surreal as almost silence from our busy road, yet the sun still shines.

I have started Daily Podcasts to be accessed as daily “spiritual food” for anyone who cares to know what God is saying today within the context of crisis. Also done a video with my wife’s youtube channel concerning the COVID19 crisis. It is in Portuguese.

I have done 2 live broadcasts with Lagoinha Church in London. So God is joining the intercessors to intercede for our nation. A picture has started to appear concerning how God sees this situation.

1. God wants to stop the plague by establishing His House of prayer

2. God is preparing for a last time harvest

3. God will release a spirit of Grace and Supplication.

4. God will open heaven, send His Word, place His Hand on us.

These are the issues we are looking at now. I am sure these will correspond with that of other ministries.

One thing I know, God speaks to me concerning what is coming after the crisis as there is an after the crisis scenario. I believe Angel’s have already been despatched to now deliver a release and return to a “reset” society.

Please keep in contact!

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