Live! Need for context before application

In a short while I shall be speaking on a Live broadcast. I am a little disturbed that we can take 2 Chronicles 7:14 out of context. You need context before you can get an effective application.

In this crisis God is looking for true repentance . This is exactly what Jesus did on Calvary. He identified with us in death from sin. However in Jesus death the visible Temple was substituted with a Temple not built with human hands.

2 Chronicles 7 relates to God’s response to the dedication prayer of Solomon for the Temple. In this Coronavirus crisis God desires to dedicate His Temple in the earth and extend covenant to us. V14 is the negative part of the covenant, in that when there is the presence of famine, pestilence and war, then the covenant contemplates the turning in prayer. A serious change of priorities. From our pursuits to His.

We have all been forced to our homes. It is time to make our homes Temple of God. That way the virus will die and a harvest of souls will find new life!


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