Retreat for Refresh

For many the routines have gone, work closed, schools closed. The structures are all being shaken. We are meeting this challenge by supplying daily podcasts and messages for you to use the opportunity to edify and prepare for when this crisis passes, and it will pass. Families will need support in a very trying time. Whilst governments can care by financial relief, and hospital care for all who need it, it is up to the Church to provide the care.

Lagoinha London, Brazilian based Church, called here to minister to the UK, with their Churches are in Birmingham, Manchester and London. This season there are Prophetic Lives, which happen on Instagram Live at 8pm GMT. The address on Instagram for interested parties: @lagoinhalondon. They are Portuguese based live streams. Other ministries are beginning to come online and provide online resourcing. This is a time for the Church to “stock up” on spiritual resourcing. The denominations have disappeared in the sense that we are not attending to our normal congregations. It is a time of crisis, and as such the emergency demands a different attitude. We cannot be criticising leaders, ministers, priests and fathers. We must all pull together to see this crisis through and after “return to Zion” with a new heart.

So be watchful for new short teachings here.


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