“Behold I make all things new.” Revelation 22 KJV

This Coronavirus Crisis is part of a process of Reset

God is declaring to me that a “Reset” is coming in everything. Speaking with Al Houghton today in California, all are at home, obeying the President’s guidelines, here in the UK, one by one businesses are closing, aeroplanes are in hangars, banks in closure, cafes and restaurants closed, theatres and cinemas. So the streets, highways, motorways, interstates are empty of traffic. It seems like scenes from “I am Legend.” The panic of many as the pillars of life are taken away.

It is a new start. The Lord is already speaking to me about the days of restoration, the days of new joy, new family bonds, new health, new zest for work and worship. This means if God is speaking about what is coming after means there is an after and there is life coming. The Lord has seen the enemy plan, to paralyze the world, and He will have the last say and the last laugh…Psalm 2 shows us the process, where God LAUGHS from heaven, all prophets, will hear the laugh across the skies as angels will go to prepare OUR RETURN TO ZION.

God is preparing the return of the saints to Zion

I was thinking today the significance of Zion. David took from the world a mountain and made it reserved for God’s glory. As in Psalm 126 shows us, God promises that the saints will return to their fulness, via the preparation of their quarantine. God says retreat into your home, shut the door of the world and come to your Zion in the spiritual, for you are preparing for a new life where His law shall proceed from Zion, Isaiah 2, Micah 2. The Law that proceeds is not applied by the blood of animals but by the Blood that does not cover, but removes by remission. It is time we do like David, and take our mountain from our “Jebusites” and bring it for His Glory. God will confirm our quarantine by raining down His Glory.

It is time to do as David and take from our “Jebusites” our mountain and reserve it for His Glory!

Take our mountain in our Quarantine and make it a dwelling for His Glory

Psalm 126 is the restoration coming, we that have been displaced from our places of worship, those who were levites, displaced from our Tabernacle, will return with shouting and singing, we shall be like those who dreamed of that day. It is a day of revival indeed.

This vision is glorious I know. However, it is conditional. It is conditional on the Church being like Israel, allowing our “Captivity” to purify us, take away our idols, and take away our habits. That way within this generation we shall see the transfer take place, and see that when we went into quarantine we shall not be the same that came out. In fact what a vision to be told like a Bible story!!!

How we go into Quarantine shall not be the way we shall be lead out!

This is God’s reset! This is God wiping our credit clean, a new start. How the Church is faithful submitting to this process will determine how we will come out.

How the enemy had meant this for our destruction we shall see God deal with Him.

Great things God did for His people, for this reason they are overjoyed.

May we grasp this vision!


Will do a new Podcast over this post.

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