Ready for the Shutdown? Lockdown?

Shut down, lockdown, are in words in governmental and media circles. I have posted about the way that Churches are not heeding the prophetic counsel about this virus situation.

At the start of this week God spoke to me concerning the 4 horses being released and many a Church will have to cancel all activities. I ask the question is the Church ready? My suspicion is no it is not. We have been largely asleep and fear has taken hold of populations across the world. Panic buying, quarantine, and yet the clarion faith message is not getting out.

I am not denying that the virus is real or not but there is a greater issue. The issue being that fear has prepared fully the way for the virus.

Many years ago the Lord took me and a friend to a certain place to preach. We saw a great evil coming and that for the Church to survive there needed to be a cancelling of normal meetings and a seeking of God in special prayer gatherings. The Word was rejected and they embraced the evil that we saw coming and the Church no longer exists.

Society is about to change. This crisis is going to be bigger than 9/11 in that the world changed after that disaster. So it was a demarcation event. This virus is another demarcation event. It won’t simply go away. It will be the forerunner of other earth shattering events.

It harks back to the times of Jeremiah when Babylon was pressing at the walls of Jerusalem. The “prophets” were prophesying prosperity and victory over the enemy. Yet there was one Voice, through Jeremiah that prophesied disaster. Jeremiah 29 spells out God’s intention of 70 years specifically. God’s plan never includes our comfort.

So what should be our attitude be? We should prepare the people for the worst. We should be gathering “online” for special prayer gatherings asking God to have mercy in a time of Judgment. We should be repenting that the Church is not taking leadership in discerning why this is happening. In a concerted prayer effort we will discern and we will see God intervene.

I say prepare and position the Church for faith and prayer.


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