Preparing your Church for the Coronavirus

We could start on the negative but God has the resources to stop the Coronavirus not only causing havoc on your faith community but the nation at large.

It is time to teach the saints how to get their spiritual “immune system” up. The Bible does speak about disease, does speak about catastrophic circumstances. The economy and the nations are going to be shaken as all strata of society succumbs to the virus.

So what do you do? Wait for it to land on your doorstep? No. The Lord has given me teaching to prepare the local Church for what is coming. Specifically the Church is far from prepared.

What would you say if the government says that its legislating a emergency law to stop meetings? How will your Church survive? How would the faith levels be sustained?

What does the Bible say about this now? Write to me and find out how you can access the Teaching we offer here. Write to today.

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