Motive for prayer

I have a son with specific gifts and talents that God surprises us with. He has also needs which I am going to share as a motive for prayer and also for anyone who desires to help us prayer fully.

My son Joshua

Joshua is reaching the end of schooling and entering into further education. He is just a overflow of God’s joy into our lives as he surprises us with his talents. He has a particular gift with technology and particular in the area of software and music via technology. We are trying to purchase a iPad Pro.

We have raised about £250, toward this equipment. The reason for this specific hardware has to do with the new iPad OS and the new music and interactive apps plus the stylus which manipulate the interface and design software which is compatible with new IPad os software.

We are praying for at least another £750 so that we can acquire this from our local Apple Store.

The motivation also is to channel Joshua’s gifts so that from further education he can make a significant and unique contribution to the Church community and the Body at large.

If you have direction from God to contribute to this need, you can do so via PayPal using .

We are not presenting fundraising for wants but those who have not the conditions to contribute we ask you to join us in prayer that by February Joshua can have this necessary tool for his continued development.

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