Psalm 138:7

The above Scripture is my experience, and when you look into the Hebrew of the word “revive” you see that the promise that in trouble we are promised reviving, that is the capacity of new life, miraculous raising up from a bad place. It is remaining alive.

See below, “in pregnant sense of fulness of life in divine favour.” This is the season we need the reviving in the midst of trouble. Whatever trouble we may face we can call upon the “reviving”, restoring to life, be quickened. The reviving from sickness is ours for believing, or from feeling faint, or needing God’s preservation. It is there for those who walk in God in covenant.

I have left copied below the root meaning of “revive” because I wanted you to see it for yourself. Not just take my word for it. It has a personal application for me, because in the last 15 days I have experienced this Scripture.

I believe also this is a seasonal application because God specialises doing this in a season of His Vengeance, Isaiah 61, where He arises, and where He delivers as in Psalm 12.5, where He promises to arise. The implication is immediate.

I am sharing this with you to encourage you to reach out and make the Promise yours.

Please let us pray for each other that He comes and brings this preservation, this revival, this fulness of life in Divine Favour.


P.s see below, for your own research.

חָיָה vb. live — Qal 1. live: a. have life; also in phrase וַיְחִי and he lived (so many years) with acc. of time. b. continue in life, remain alive; also נפשׁ ˊח live, of the soul or the self; לִפְנֵי ˊח live in the presence of; ˊב ˊח live among. c. sustain life, live on or upon (על), of the animal life, by the sword, by bread; elsewh. in pregnant sense of fulness of life in divine favour, sustained by (על) everything that issueth out of the mouth of ˊי; his promises (?); of wicked man, by repentance; c. בְּ by the statutes and judgments of ˊי if a man do them. d. live (prosperously). 2. be quickened, revive: a. from sickness. b. fr. discouragement of the spirit. c. fr. faintness. d. fr. death; by return of נפשׁ, of רוּחַ. Pi. 1. preserve alive, let live; keep in existence heaven and earth; nourish, young cow, lamb. 2. give life, to man when created. 3. quicken, revive, refresh: a. restore to life, the dead; the dying. b. cause to grow, grain. c. restore, a ruined city, stones destroyed by fire. d. revive, the people of ˊי by ˊי himself with fulness of life in his favour. Hiph. 1. preserve alive, let live. 2. quicken, revive: a. restore to health, a leper, Hezekiah. b. revive the לֵב and רוּחַ. c. retore to life, the dead.

 Whitaker, R., Brown, F., Driver, S. R. (Samuel R., & Briggs, C. A. (Charles A. (1906). The Abridged Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew-English Lexicon of the Old Testament: from A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament by Francis Brown, S.R. Driver and Charles Briggs, based on the lexicon of Wilhelm Gesenius. Boston; New York: Houghton, Mifflin and Company.

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