For which cause we faint not!

In my last post concerning Treasure in Earthen Vessels, we must continue as the Lord had highlighted to me the very important statements that start with “For” which denote purposes. More and more as we move into the next season we must see God underline His Word with Divine Purposes and Divine Motivations.

In the last few days there has been an exchange between many of us who have recently been taken to different places in God, and on the back of those experiences have experiences have had very trying circumstances. It seems to be like the birth pangs of the new season coming. The depths of the trial seem to indicate the height of our victory.

When Paul says: “For which cause we faint not…” he is highlighting the foundation for which there is no fainting in a context of extreme circumstances and trials. We know that the earthen vessels to which he refers are our lives. They are fragile, and yet they contain a wonderful treasure.

This year the Lord seems to have been causing Teachers of the Word to focus the attention of the whole Body concerning what kind of foundation they are building on. This foundation in Hebrews 11 is called “hupostasis” in the Greek, meaning, the substance you stand on.

We need to be looking at this, because the mistake we can make prophetically, is that we declare the new season, the new breakthroughs that come with it, but as we go into new territories there are always new enemies, new barriers, new walls. Our hope is not just in the breakthroughs, but in the authority which comes for us to dwell in new territory.

I was alerted by a fellow minister concerning the dangers that come on the back of victories. How many times we have been out on ministry, teaching, ministering to people, and God has manifested wonderfully, to come back and find that there is attack, sicknesses, financial losses, family issues? We are so high on the mountain that on the way back down we are hit sideways by so much, it takes the authority of that victory right out of us. We have several examples of this in the Word, the greatest being that of Elijah. He defeated 400 prophets, on Mount Carmel, and then came the words of Jezebel sent to him, via her messenger. Her false prophet. The reaction of Elijah is flight, isolation, fear, rejection…many different negative attitudes. He went from the Mountain of fire, to the Cavern of darkness.

For this cause we faint not…” says Paul. He has found a foundation by which in the trials causes him to be steadfast in his position in God, and perseverant in his pursuit for God. Something which Elijah had lost for instances. God led him out, proactively to launch 3 vias of attack on godlessness in the nation. The fate of Jezebel was coming in the shape of who he would anoint: Jehu. Paul has a strong cause, to know that he will not faint whilst having before him the great cause and motivation of his life.

The early Church apostles all paid for their testimony with their lives, but some paid for their testimony living it in their bodies. One such example is the Apostle John. He was boiled in oil, yet God preserved him. In the preservation bearing the marks of his burning, he is found in the Spirit on the Lord’s day. Here he is brought face to face with the Ascended Lord.

It is said that the Apostle John had not seen this aspect of Jesus before, and he falls down prostrate as a man fainted.

He had only had personal contact with Jesus as the Son of Man, and through the Spirit. Now he is face to face. In this experience he is sustained by God. He writes to the Churches on Jesus’ behalf, bringing the weight of Jesus’ examination of the Early Church. In these letters we today, 2000 years gain much sustenance. From that experience, John is invited to see events from heaven’s perspective. He is shown absolutes in end time events. In these visions the Book of Revelation comes down to us, to bring the same cause that Paul was kept from “fainting” in hope, faith and love.

For this cause we faint not…” this is no means just a cause of motivating. It is not a positive speaking seminar. It is a particular and specific encounter with God which brings to us a “hupostasis” which is a divine substance, which empowers, strengthens us beyond our natural limits. This is in direct correlation with the challenges that lie ahead. It is the cause of our vision, our interaction with our Glorified Lord, that we do not faint, we do not become weak, we do not surrender to fear. It is for this cause we make a demand on God to match our opposition with power and boldness.

The early Church in Acts 4 did this precisely. Having been punished by the religious authorities not to speak in the Name of Jesus, returned to the Early Church company to relay the happenings, lifted their voice, and through Psalm 2 making the demand on the Father to honour His Son through His Church by the Holy Spirit. The result is a mighty infilling and new boldness. It is this kind of year I anticipate 2020 to be. We shall have trials, setbacks and yet as we regroup in prayer God will show up.

Let this be our testimony…for 2020 “For this cause we faint not…”


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