Prophetic Word for the next Kairos

I was praying here in my ministry weekend when I heard the uncommon reference come to my mind. 
I had my first trip to the USA in September. I heard the Lord speak about a new season at the end of the year, yet I was given Psalm 12 and Zechariah 3 to prepare me for a tough few months.

This last season has been very tough for all who entered a greater depth of covenant with God through a new depth of consciousness of our sonship, via what Al Houghton transmitted to us.
For some time I have sensed a new kairos about to be declared from heaven. I knew it would come about Christmas or New Year. 

Today 7th December 2019 the Lord gave me Joshua 4.5.
And Joshua said unto them, Pass over before the ark of the Lord your God into the midst of Jordan, and take ye up every man of you a stone upon his shoulder, according unto the number of the tribes of the children of Israel:KJV

The Lord declares that His Covenant extended by Him to us is already standing in our Jordan. It means that the barriers we have experienced in former kairos seasons of God are being cut asunder. The covenant is the act or cutting. When God cuts covenant He cuts for favour for us, and judgement for all who stand against us and God of Covenant. The Ark of the Covenant symbolizes the fulness of Abrahamic covenant.

It symbolizes a priesthood nation, to whom and through whom is blessing and judgement flow. 
God has made Abrahamic covenant flow down to us through Christ, Galatians 3:7. So as we have seen Jordan where barriers exist to ministry, family, health issues stand between us and fullness and inheritance,  so God in Christ will now stand between us and our promise and carry us over by taking us over in miraculous ground.

 The next kairos is going to see the outpouring of miracleshealings and extraordinary faith. 3 gifts somewhat limited in the last kairos seasons will now be liberated. 
God will cause the whole holy nation pass over to their promise. The enemy is ALREADY fearing what is coming. 
The “Ark” is now standing in our barriers and difficulties to bring us not into riches or personal influence but will bring us into the fullness of His calling.

Soon as Levitical feet touch the waters of impossibility so they will part and God will provide miraculous ground to walk upon. We shall go from preparation to possession. Remember what is the next Kairos: Going from PREPARATION TO POSSESSION. The Lord commands you to take a stone from this miraculous ground which shall be your marturia, from which shall flow miraculous power throughout knowing that we have reached the manifestation of Gods promises. The Lord , Holy Spirit is taking us into a season of judicial cleansing of nations and the “land” shall become the Lord’s. 
Know the season. See the Lord enter into your Jordan, step into dry ground , pass in front of your covenant and know that you are walking into the promises God made to you.

Get the people ready. Just as God commanded Joshua a 3 day sanctification where faith and obedience are commanded so the cry in the Spirit is for moving in. Get rid of the “not yet ” mentality. Get rid of the “maybe tomorrow” expectation. 

Does not the Scriptures say various times ” If today you hear His Voice harden not your hearts“. The command is relevant today, do not dismiss the declaration that a new season is coming. The end of preparation, the beginning of possession!!! 

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